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catloverAugust 25, 2005

I have given up going to physicians for this problem. Just thought I would check in here. For about the last ten years, I have occasionally gotten a red bump on a couple of consistent locations, primarily the left side of my nose. The skin on the bump will eventually break down and I will have a tender flat area where the skin will simply be gone. After this, it heals. The area is sore, itchy and tingly. I stopped going to the MD about it after I had a severe reaction to the minocycline. I decided the cure was not worth the treatment. Besides, the antibiotics did not seem to have any impact. Possible diagnosis rosasea, herpes. Took aclovar (sp) with no help. I have used no medication since about 1997. The incidents are less frequent now. I currently have a reoccurrence, my first in about one year. In the past, I've been to two different dermatologists. The first was stumped, but tried some things. The second just said it was rosasea, even though I had no other symptoms (no pustules, etc.)

I don't think this is related, but the left side of my nose drips virtually all the time. I finally went to an ENT, who could find no reason for it, and who admitted that the unilateral dripping was weird. He gave me nose drops that help dry me up a bit.

None of this is serious. However, I am frustrated that no one can tell me why this happens. Any ideas? Sound familiar?

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I think I would see another ENT. The skin condition may just be a coincidence. Perhaps it's a growth or polyp waaayyy up in the sinuses. I knew of a woman that had a tiny little growth. Her body was treating it as a foreign object and was apparently trying to "wash" it out. when her doctor found and removed it....the drips stopped.

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