Any experience with French Connection by Garrison? - white oak

themiAugust 15, 2013

Would like to install Garrison French Connection (Chandon or Lava) in 90% of our house, but would like to know if anyone has experience with this particular floor. Or with Garrison? It appears they have many lines.

I have tried an exhaustive search on Google, but cannot seem to find alot of user feedback on it. Makes me nervous.

However, the vendor I'm using is very reputable and been in business since 1962. They have been selling the product for 4 years and the estimator says it's a good product. But in today's Google age, I always like to do my own research as I'm sure most people on GW are like :)

I have two boys under age 4, no pets and a husband who loves wearing his shoes in the house (he has "sensitive toes" lol). I picked this floor because it's wire brushed and feel the variegated coloring of the Chandon color will be very forgiving.

I'm ok with the maintenance of an oil finished floor (in theory, ha ha)

Also, one of the areas where this will be laid is not on slab and may have very slight undulations so we needed something that would be forgiving with that as well.

Below is the link. We like the Chandon the best. In person, there is much less white streaking.

Also, here is a pic to the gallery so you can see it installed. I love it.

If I could hear from at least one other person that has this floor, it would make me more comfortable.

Thank you!!

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Be very careful with their darker colors. I have seen three floors that within 4 - 6 months have exhibited major and I mean major color fade in sun light. The contrast between the areas that are touched by sun light and the areas that are not look like completely different floors. Good luck.

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Themi, did you end up going with the French Connection floor and if so, how do you like it? I could have written your post, in that I have kids and a husband who wear shoes in the house, and our house is on a raised foundation with slight undulations (ours is a tear-down-to-the-studs remodel). We live near the beach so we constantly have sand in our house and my boys play club soccer so cleats in the house are a constant. Obviously I need a very forgiving floor :)

I'd love your and anyone else's input who has the French Connect floor. Thanks in advance!

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I'm chiming in because we are also considering the French Connection (in caffe) and would love some reviews!

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I posted above in June looking for feedback on the French Connection but wasn't successful in finding much info. We ended up going with Provenza in the Old World collection, Fawn color and are extremely happy with it so far. It's only been a few weeks but I think it looks great. It's probably a little too rustic/unfinished looking for some people (I've had a few visitors ask me if we're going to oil or finish it - um, it is finished!) but I love it.

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