anyone know about ZOUNDS hearing aids?

craftycAugust 11, 2007

My husband is considering getting hearing aids and recently got an ad in the mail for a rechargable hearing aid --"ZOUNDS". does anyone have any first hand knowledge or experience with these? Thanks for any info!!

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Has he seen an ENT physician lately for a good evaluation. Not all hearing problems can be corrected with hearing aids. You can spend a lot of money and get little or no improvement.

Never, never, never waste your money on one that you get from a mail order outfit.

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Agnespuffin: thanks for your reply...these are not from a mail order outfit, it was just an ad explaining who in our area was carrying this brand now. They are sold through physician's offices and there is also a mall store carrying them. I guess the appeal is that they are rechargeable, no batteries..and I was wondering if anyone had tried them yet.

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Oh, I see!! It certainly would be worth looking into.

The regular batteries are inexpensive and it's easy to carry a spare pair. I tend to forget to do things and I would probably forget to recharge.

Do they mention how long the batteries work between charges? It does sound interesting.

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Do yourself a favor and forget this company. Go with ANY other company. They have only been in business a few years, have already filed for bankruptcy once, have high employee turnover and are rumored to have extremely high return rates. They also make a bunch of claims that I have yet to see any research/proof on.

In this age, go with a brand/company you can trust.

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My BIL and a friend and most of her family wear hearing aids, so I know what I'm talking about. I've heard them talk often about their hearing aids. There are all different kinds of hearing aids. Some just amplify, some cut out the background noise--and on and on. Then their is the fit of the ear piece itself. If you buy off of any tom dick or harry he might not get the right kind for him. I would go with what the doctor said he needed and nothing else

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I have a zounds hearing aid, they were my dads and when he passed, I inherited them, . sounds like a funny thing but hearing aids are expensive. Set up an appointment to have them serviced and set to my hearing and that was it. no batteries to change and a charge lasts all day and night very comfortable. I have been using this for 2 years and the batteries are still fine. The only down side is that they are in lady lake now and I live in npr, so have to travel a little. but would recommend this hearing aid to any one that needs one.

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