Chest pain

serrano4657August 20, 2007

I have had chest pain for about a year now. I had a chest xray, ekg, ultrasound on chest, running tread mill test. for my heart and everything come up normal. I do have acid reflex which started about the same time. I had the camera down my throat and discovered acid reflex my nothing else serious, no cancer or barretts. I am on nexium and my reflex is better but not gone. No one knows what is causing this pain. I seems better when I am laying in bed on back or side slightly elevated. I seems to be on left and sometimes right side, but not burning, like a dull ache. Doctors don't know.

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Mundane as this sounds, it could just be a pulled muscle. Does it hurt when you cough or sneeze?

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Are you on thyroid replacement? My thyroid levels got too high and that was the cause of my emergency trip to the ER

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How old are you? Male or female? Are there any risk factors for heart disease? Such as smoking, High BP or cholesterol, or family history of heart disease? Does the pain stay in your chest or does it radiate to anywhere else, such as your back, neck, or arm? Any nausea? Shortness of breath? Do you break out in a sweat when you have pain? Have you noticed anything that causes the pain to start, such as eating or activity? All of these questions are important to ask when trying to determine the cause of chest pain.

Pulled muscles, or chostochondritis (which is a inflamation of tissue between the ribs) can cause this kind of pain, but usually resolve over 6-8 weeks. So can pleusery. And while cardiac stress tests are a great tool, there are many cases of false negatives, meaning that they don't always indicate a problem where there is one.

Really not trying to scare you, just trying to find out more info...

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Get to an emergency room and have them check you out!

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Back when I suffered regularily with acid reflux I had odd chest pains and occasional shoulder pains as well. My doctor told me that when the stomach acid splashes up into your esophagus it can cause spasms and other such distress that you wouldn't sense, feel or taste (no taste receptors in your esophagus, the acid has to get all the way up to the back of your mouth to be tasted). These reactions can easily be transmitted to the large bundle of nerves that travel right beside the esophagus, they can join in on the reaction and cause out-of-context pains in odd parts of your body. I used to use those chest pains as my signal to do something about my acid levels rather than wait til I had full blown heartburn.

Now I sip apple cider vinegar every day. No more heartburn, no more heartburn pills.

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