Need advice re carpet selection for condo

Jac29August 12, 2013

I need to replace approx. 900 sf of carpet in a condo unit that my highly functional 91 yr. old mother lives in. The unit is on the first floor on a cement slab.

I am looking for a good quality,low pile (cut & loop ?)carpet that will be stain and crush resistant in the midprice range.

I have visited a couple of local carpet dealers in my area (northern NJ) and have received the following carpet recommendations and prices:

dealer #1: Mohawk- Smartstrand
style: Stars & Stripes
$3.65 sf which includes felt pad (32oz), and removal and disposal of old carpet.....they will use powerstretching to install

Shaw- Nylon
style: Westbourne
$4.31 sf also includes all of the above

Dealer #2 : Shaw - Nylon
style: Passage II
$4.30 sf which include 40 oz felt pad but will charge .50 cents per sf to remove and dispose old carpet as well as $100-200 to move furniture during install

Shaw - Nylon
Style: Couture $3.00 sf plus all the above

Shaw - Nylon
style: Rush Hour $2.50 sf

What is interesting is that this dealer no longer carries Mohawk and/or Smarstrand as he does not feel that the company stands behind their products well.......I also found out that my local home depot no longer carries Mohawk carpets but offered no reason for this.....can anyone comment on this?

Dealer #3: Stanton
Style: Heartened
$3.39 sf + $1.40 pad(32 oz) and install (they do powestretching)
+ 55 cents per sf to remove and dispose old carpet

Style: Hilton Head II
$2.89 sf + other charges same as above

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts about these carpets and price quotes, as well as, any other carpet recommendations you may have.

Also, if anyone can recommend a good, reputable carpet dealer in the northern NJ area, I would appreciate it.

Thank you all so much for sharing your experience and knowledge!

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lots of dealers have alliances with Shaw or Mohawk. Mohawk for sure is still at home depot. Some dealers apparently upset that Mohawk has Smartstrand in Lowes at a very good price felt they couldn't compete so they perhaps switched to Shaw but it certainly wasn't because of problems. I'm a big fan of Smartstrand. You need to advise if your mom is using a walker. Smartstrand does have some cut and loop type carpet. It actually performs better than lots of the nylons you list.

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Thank you Dan for your response. My mother does not use a walker yet but that could change in the near future.

I'm totally confused about smartstrand vs nylon......some dealers say smartstrand is like polyester others say it isn't.....some say it's better than nylon and others say it isn't .....don't know what the truth is.

At this point I am leaning toward nylon because it has been around a long time...... but I'm still not sure I'm doing the right thing.

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I have stainmaster nylon in one room and a patterned carpet (PET) in the other. Stains (mostly cat related) come out of the PET carpet much easier than the stainmaster. I was impressed!

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