Fluoridated drinking water--ban it!

carole6August 28, 2007

If, like most of us, your community's water was fluoridated, and you had no say in the matter, please sign the following petition:


This is a chemical that has never been proven to be without health problems, and now many professionals are bringing this to our attention. Please read and sign!

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My well water has alot of flouride in it. What kind of health problems are there?

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Did you reaad the link I sent?
Information is there on the health problems associated with fluoride.

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I'm not saying that your intent isn't good, but you can find sites like that about almost everything you digest. Some people swear cola is a killer, some artificial sweeteners, and still others have problems with anything in plastic bottles, or vaccines of any kind.

I'm sure there may be some truth to the stats on the site you mentioned, but I'm just not sure taking floride out of water will make things better instead of worse. I would bet there are some good arguments for floridation. It's hard to be truly educated about a subject by just reading one viewpoint....especially when so much of it seems mainly like speculation, and scare tactics, IMHO. Hopefully our government has it under control...since they are drinking the water too!

Here's another fun site for the suggestible....

Here is a link that might be useful: Cola anyone?

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Since kids drink more bottled/filtered water now they are getting cavities! I've heard that twice on TV. Go figure.

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Years ago I read about a study done by a midwest university (I don't remember which one) in which fluoride was given to lab animals in the same concentrations they use to treat water for humans. The first two generations had no problems, but a subsequent generationÂI believe the thirdÂwas sterile.

After that I never saw another mention of the study.

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How about the stats that people who dont have fluoride in their water have way more tooth decay then those who have it?
Also,fluoride is only dangerous when large quantities are consumed.You probably ingest more brushing your teeth.The percentage in water is thought to be small.

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Although I am not sure about the fluoride quantities in drinking water alone, I am sure that some of our children are getting too much fluoride in combined sources. Having our city water fluoridated back in the 1960's, did do wonders for the health of our teeth, ie: the difference between mine and my older siblings teeth compared to our younger siblings(who grew up with fluoridated water), show marked improvement. But now our children are being exposed to larger quantities of fluoride. Besides the drinking water, the dentist regularly applies fluoride treatments and the grade schools are now providing fluoride treatments as well. There is fluoride in toothpaste and what else I don't know. Many children, including my son are developing white spots on their previously beautiful, healthy teeth. There are still some who are not in agreement with this as a side effect of too much fluoride. When my son started developing bright white spots on his teeth, I questioned our dentist, who at first had no answers, but did tell me he was seeing it more and more. As time went by, more of his teeth became affected and the spots became more pronounced. You may not think white spots on teeth are such a bad thing, but this looks unnatural and makes the rest of the teeth, even if they are very white, look yellowed, it is also a chalky white, not the glistening white a tooth should be. after repeat visits and repeated questioning from me on what we could do about it, he finally told me that some people believe it is too much fluoride! So I got online and started reading about it. I then requested no more fluoride treatments at school and at the dentist(who by the way, even though he was made aware of the possibility of fluoride overdosing, did not want to stop the treatments!). I noticed the spots were no longer getting worse and they started to lose their intensity within a few months. It has taken a few years, the spots are still there, but are faded and with time I hope they disappear completely, in the meantime my son, who previously smiled without abandon rarely smiles fully and is self conscious because the spots were so obvious, people would actually comment on them. the really scary thing is this whitening is actually changing the composition of the tooth enamel, breaking it down and according to the sources I was reading can lead to teeth that are weak and prone to decay and tooth loss. The spots are a visible side effect, there could very likely be other side effects of overdosing that are not so readily apparent. Be aware that fluoride overdosing especially by multiple sources is a real possibility and at least at this point in time you cannot rely on your dentist or the FDA to protect you or your children from it.

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My daughter using a flouride rinse (ACT) every night to prevent cavities. I wonder if I should make her stop before she gets those spots?

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Fluoride in the water supply is banned in sensible parts of the world where major industries don't make a fortune selling their toxic sludge to provide it all of us unsuspecting mugs. There are studies by people who have nothing financial to gain that show that fluoridation does not change the cavity situation. And then there's the weird upsurge in Alzheimers and the finding of aluminum in the brain. Hmmm. It just so happens that fluoride combined with aluminum causes increased aluminum uptake by the body, and the brain in particular. Now what drug company on the face of the planet is going to be willing to give up sales of their Alzheimers drugs and vaccines in order to make sure we aren't exposed to that toxic combination? They are businesses with responsibilities to their share-holders.

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