hot flashes

ann4August 19, 2006

I'm one month away from 49 and about a month ago started experiencing hot flashes. I have always had night sweats but not constantly and was able to put up with them. Now I'm concerned because I'm also having trouble (not always-sleeping). This is torture. I went out and bought over the counter black kohosh and progesterine cream, taking calcium, and just trying every stinken thing. I missed July's period and have no idea if August will get here. Any advice out there. I also get migranes generally prior to my period (even in July I had a 2 day headache no period though). I had read alot about progesterine, how long befoe it works - ps. I'm also breast cystic - Help

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Hi ann,
Did you know there's a menopause forum here? You might want to check it out. We're all over there groaning with each other! It IS a very difficult time for some of us, and it seems like different things work for different women. I'm 56, and it's finally settled down a little for me. I got horrible migraines in the thick of this transition. I also got high BP and was put on a beta blocker....which took away all my headaches totally!! Unfortunately, I guess there's always a trade-off and I think it made me gain weight and added to my fatigue.
Please check out the menopause forum and read all the old posts. There's lots of good suggestions there.

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P.S. Here's the link to the menopause forum

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