Othropedic doc versus podiatrist for feet....

catherinetAugust 29, 2006

Hi all,

I have had the same podiatrist for about 20 years. Unfortunately, he's moved about an hour and a half away. But he's very gentle and kind, and did surgery on my foot once, and treated plantar fasciitis successfully, and has helped me with a number of other problems. When I mentioned to my sports medicine doc that I thought I had developed a Morton's neuroma in my foot, he told me to see one of his partners. He poo-pooed podiatrists and implied that they probably can't be trusted.

I think there's no reason for me to change to an orthopedic doc, when I'm happy with my podiatrist. In fact, a long time ago I saw an orthopedic doc for my plantar fasciitis, and he did nothing for it.

I'm just curious if you've ever made a choice for your feet.........was it an orthopod or a podiatrist?

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I haven't had any experience with either. But I think I would go to the one where I felt more at ease. I have found that if I go to a doctor that bothers me in some manner, I neglect to tell him everything that he may need to know.

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I would go to a doctor that is the specialist for your condition. A doctor once told me that not all doctors know everything and it's the specialist who is usually up-to-date on the latest research.

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Thanks agnespuffin and marie.

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