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catlady15August 12, 2008

I was asked by a friend if I knew how long it takes to get a pain killer called percedan [I think I have that spelt right ]completely out of your system so he could pass a drug test.He said he was put on this meds for pain but no longer need it due to he is feeling better after taking it a few days.He has a urine test tomorrow for a job interview and wants to start out right and be competely clean.I told him I had no idea because I never dealt with things as this and knew noone to ask.So I found this site.Can anyone help.He said he took the last one Monday morning around 8 am.Thanks for any help you can give so I can email his answer.

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If he has the prescription for it it won't matter, it is a valid medication. Tell him to just bring the bottle with him. As for how long it takes, I don't know exactly for percadan, try googling it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pharmer info

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Thanks Michelle for your help.I had no ideal and I did not know even to how to begin to search this answer out.I will pass on what you said and maybe some that knows how long it takes to get out of system so it will not show up they will come and post and I will send it to help.He really needs this job.I can understand him wanting to be comletely clean and it be out of his system before taking the test.He said they would be taking a urine test.thanks again.

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If he has the test tomorrow, he has the test. They will probably tell him the guidelines to follow as to how far back he should have to go to list what sort of medicines he has taken. He should probably not guess about a medicine's half life based on internet advice and hope that it doesn't show up. That could really lose him a job. If he was taking a legal prescription, he was taking a legal prescription and if they ask about that time period, he should mention it. End of story.

I really don't see any problem with his circumstance unless he is not being truthful with you.

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thanks carla for your reply.Like I stated I knew nothing about things as this and did not want to give him a wrong answer.I did not know what the rules were about meds and working and trying to get hired.I have no reason to think he isn't being trueful and that is why I did not have any answers for him,but being a friend wanted to help.I have sent him all the replys and told him I was sorry I had no answers and had looked on the computer under drugs and read all I knew where to read and still did not get a answer for as days or hours it would take for the pain killer Percedan not to show up and be competely out of his system .I do hope he gets the job and I know good jobs are come to by these days.When he asked if I knew how long it would show up in his urine and if he took the pee test tommorrow did I think it would show up and than he NOT get the job,I just said I really can not answer that.But again like I stated above I started searching for him and found this site and thought I post here.I again want to thank you and the other poster for replying, and thank you for your time.

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I don't know if you're checking back here, but if you are I just wondered how it went and if he ended up having to mention it or not. Do you have an update by chance?

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Since oxycodone, percodan is one of the most frequently abused opiates, you can bet they will be looking very closely at thet est.
From what I know, he should test clean after 2 full days without any drug. But if he's addicted, that may be easier said than done.

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