Snuff tobacco and high blood pressure

asoloAugust 4, 2007

Older brother, 60, uses snuff daily. (Skoal Bandits -- cheek and gum placement) I'm trying to get him to quit. He already takes blood pressure medication. I'm telling him he's being stupid because snuff tends to raise blood pressure.

Acually, I haven't a clue. Just nagging him. But, am I correct?

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You are right on!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: snuff and blood pressure

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Exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks!

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I would find a website showing pictures of all the people that had to have 1/2 of their faces removed due to cancer caused by snuff and show your brother that site.

Also, tobacco robs you of your energy - that's why I quit (11 yrs ago). Walking or jogging can work off the withdrawal jitters for someone quitting.

Nicotine is a poison. A drop of it on your skin would kill you. Using tobacco is taking in small amounts of poison.

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