herpes mouth blisters....

vieja_gwAugust 18, 2013

grown son has had recurrent mouth blisters caused by a herpes virus for years. Any remedies to try & treat & also try & prevent the reoccurances? I know the virus is there on those nerves all the time & only break out when stressed. What are some home remedies any one has tried that help? 'Starting fluid' (!!! yes!) helps as the ether kills the herpes virus on contact ... but maybe a less potent thing to try? I had heard of a vitamin or mineral (?zinc) that might help & Rx of.'acyclovir' may help outbreaks). sure painful!

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If they are like fever blisters on the outside of the lips there is nothing you can do. Years ago my son had a sore inside his mouth and a neighbor told me to dip a q tip in camphinique and touch the sore with it. The spelling is way off on that, it comes in a small green bottle. I have used it when I had a sore in my mouth and it stops the pain. I would suggest rinsing the mouth with salt water also.

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If it is the herpes virus it lives in the nerves cells and it is normally activated by stress. If it was me here is what I would do ultra violet light 1-6 minuets per day Avoid chocolate, peanuts, nuts, seeds, grains, eat high lysine foods meat, potatoes, milk, yeast, fish, chicken, beans, eggs vitamin C bioflavonoids at 200mg zinc at 75mg. Ribavirin at 250-500 mg /day but do not use during pregnancy. There is some good creams for external use acyclovir and also in pill form but might only be available by prescription

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There are some over the counter but as far as I am concerned it is not worth the $25. for something that might help and those were the pharmacists words. Abreava, I think, not sure about the name.

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