Neuralgia (?) on my arm

jennAugust 8, 2005

This morning my husband lightly touched me on my upper right arm, very lightly, just brushing it. It hurt as if I have a very bad bruise or sore there, but I don't. I ignored it and got in the shower. As soon as the water touched my right forearm, I felt the same pain in the forearm. Since then, I have had very painful burning-like pains in the forearm in the same area. It is also very sensitive to light touch, but there is nothing visible.

Anyone know what this might be?? I didn't bump or injure my arm in any way.



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It could be anything from a nerve acting wierd to shingles to peripheral neuralgia ... lots of stuff starts out with a hypersensitive skin area. And lots of those things are temporary and harmless.

Gove is a week or two to go away. If it spreads, or gets worse, call a doctor.

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Thank you. It is definiltely worse tonight, in the same areas but more sensitive. Still no visible signs. Sometimes the pain is very intense but lasts only momentarily. Today I had a vague sense of not feeling good, maybe it was just the pain in my arm affecting me that way.

I sure hope it is just temporary!


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Well, it is MUCH better today and seems to be going away as the day progresses. This morning when I awoke it was better than last night, but worse than yesterday morning. Now, it is almost gone. WHEW! I was a little concerned and it was quite painful. Weird!


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It's gone! :-)

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