Can a "raised foyer floor" be lowered?

wizard19August 28, 2012

We are selling our home and had home inspection yesterday. Inspection went well, however, buyer has following request: We have a raised foyer floor when you walk in from the front entrance door. The floor is raised 7 inches from the DR on the left and FLR on the right and the family room straight ahead. The buyers want to lower the foyer floor to be even with the rest of the adjacent rooms. We just had travertine stone installed on it about two years ago, so I know it is a concrete base.

Does anyone have any ideas on whether this concrete can be "jack hammered" down? The size is 9' x 12'. I am sure there are some code issues with the the front entrance but I think that can be designed appropriately. I'm am not too concerned with the costs as buyer is willing to pay for it...I just need to see if it is feasible to do. The option period ends tomorrow so we are trying to get this resolved tonight or early tomorrow.

Thanks for any opinions!!!

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Anything's possible with enough money. Worst case is that you'd have to take out the concrete and re-pour a slab with new footings to get the code-required depth. Then repair framing/drywall so that the walls around the foyer are finished down to the new floor level. And buy a custom-size door to fit the new 7" taller opening (or lower the whole frame, which would entail framing/drywall/exterior finishing work.)

Additional considerations:
-What does the front porch look like? If it's currently even with the inside floor, then the porch/entry would need to be lowered by the same 7". And it could have ripple effects on the exterior facade (i.e., there's a 7" gap in the brick/siding/stucco that has to be cut in.)
-Are there steps leading up to the front porch/door? Those would have to be re-done as well.

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Weedy - Thanks for the input! Buyers backed out of the contract last night. Husband wanted the house, but the wife kept putting up different issues and just didn't want to move. I thought the foyer issue was a red herring as it turned out to be. I will keep this thread out here just in case someone runs into the same unusual request. thx

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