HELP! How to restore shine to hardwood floors

jillbAugust 9, 2012

We have BR-111 engineered hardwood floor throughout our first floor - Amendoim finish 3/8" thickness. We've had them for 7 years now, and needless to say bewtween us and the dog the shine is gone. I have never used anything but hardwood floor cleaner recommended for engineered floors and the occaisional 1:10 ration of white vinegar to water - but it is soooo dull and always looks spotted from the paw prints. Is there any way I can get the shine back without refinishing? The vinegar/water thing doesn't seem to do it - I think I was using way too much hardwood floor cleaner, so I'm sure theres build up on them. They were so beautiful, and I'd love to see them look the way they once did (or semi-close). Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I must admit I don't bother washing our wood floors, preferring to spot clean with Pledge MultiSurface wipes. We have Swedish finished oak floors and when I have an area that needs a deep clean I use mineral spirits, applied with clean, old white tees. It really cleans well and leaves a nice shine, without making the floor too slick.

You will need to do a test on your particular flooring to make certain the spirits won't lift the finish. (Pick an out of the way corner and use a clean white rag - rub gently with a circular motion. If you see any of the floor's coloring on the rag then don't use the mineral spirits. Or if you have a spare piece of flooring somewhere you can use that as a test board.) Make certain the room you're working in is well ventilated - I always work with a window or door open.

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