anybody tried guayfenesin for fibromyalgia?

devorahAugust 22, 2006

I've read the book, and visited the site explaining the protocol. I was all set to try it when my rheumatologist decided that instead of or in addition to fibro I have lupus. She is starting me on another new medicine and I didn't want to start 2 things at once.

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Hi devorah,
A few years ago I tried it for about 5 weeks. I think I was using about 1200mg a day. I already have a hyperactive bladder, and that made it so much worse, that I gave up trying. I didn't notice any difference with it......but hopefully it might work for you. From what I understand, you have to be very careful not to use any acetasalisylic (sp?) acid with it....whether in meds, foods, cosmetics, etc. Good luck to you.

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I never had fibromyalgia, but I do think I had some sort of chronic fatique for a quite a while. I came down with some sinus problem and my doc put me on some guaifenesin combo cold pill. After the medicine was finished and the cold went away, I felt a hundred times better (with the daily fatique). I always wondered if there was some correlation with the guaifenesin I took.

I have some other health problems, so I never really know what is going on, but if that chronic fatique comes backs, let's just say, I'll be waiting for a sinus problem so I can get some more of those pills!

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carla.......I think that sinus infections and problems can really sap our energy. Maybe that's what was making you so tired?
Also....on the other hand....with my fibro and perimenopause, I discovered that I had LOTS of sinus problems. When I started talking to other people with fibro AND women going through perimenopause, sinus problems seemed to increase during these conditions.
I've started thinking that our sinuses are a good indicator of what's happening in other areas of our bodies.
I know I've really said nothing here, except to mention what I've noticed.
But I'm glad the guai seemed to have a big effect on you.
Maybe I'll try it again. Only problem with it is it makes me have to pee constantly.
Oh....and you can get quaifenesin over the counter now. It's called Mucinex. And it's in the larger dosage that you should take for fibro.

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Oh gosh no, I don't think the chronic fatique I had was just from a cold or sinus infection. It lasted over a year and was different than the fatique you get with a cold or strep. I couldn't even drive for a few months. I'm sure others who have it know what I mean. I just know that sometimes chronic fatique and fibro. go together, so I thought some here may benefit from my experience.

Like I mentioned, I did have some other more serious health problems, so maybe it was just a coincidence with the timing but I wouldn't doubt that the guaifenesin did something to help. I didn't read about it being used for fibro. or chronic fat. until way later, so I know it wasn't just wishing thinking on my part either.

I think my prescription dosage was different than the over the counter Mucinex, and I know it was and a lot cheaper because I remember the doctor talking about it.

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Sorry, I misunderstood you carla. I had debilitating fatigue for several years too. It really stinks.
I was on quai....about 600mg 2-3 times a day. I believe that's a moderate to higher dose for fibro. The mucinex is 600mg tabs.
If you can get a prescription for it, and have good insurance, it would probably be cheaper that way. The mucinex is $20 for 30 tabs.
I tried it for about 5 weeks, and didn't feel any difference.

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Hello. I have had Fibro since 1996 and have tried everything.
I have been taking the guyifenesin,2400 a day and I feel much better. I started with a low dose at first and then went up in dosage. It takes awhile before you feel any different. You have to drink a lot of water because it detoxes your kidneys and liver also. The first 2 weeks you may have headaches and feel like you have the flue, but it is worth it in the long run. I still have my days but few and far between.
You have to eat right and try to exercise a few days a week,which I am tring to do....
Dont give up on it..I have been taking it for 3 months and feeling better...( also taking lexapro and Neurontin.)

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My sister in law suffers from Fibro...for a few years now...and I have friends that have suffered from it too...I have even suffered from chronic pain, but never when to a doctor for it. I started taking a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement from Melaleuca...and have had wonderful have many who suffer from Fibro...and other ailments. They have a challenge they offer to people...they say, take the 90 day challenge, if you do not feel a difference in your energy level and feel that they have contributed to your overall health, you can send the EMPTY bottles back for a 100% money back refund. My pain is almost gone...not having to take anymore IB just to get through my day and my energy level is so much better.
Hope this helps.

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Umm gaufinsin is a mucolytic it helps break up mucuous. So I'm not sure how it helped pain.

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