salty taste in mouth?

Vicki_ILAugust 25, 2005

My mother has had a horrible salty taste in her mouth for about 3 months now. She's been to her regular doctor 3 times and then to an ENT twice. They've given her 2 different mouthwashes for Thrush, which doesn't really help and also Prilosec and that didn't work. She has had trouble before with salivary glands and I'm wondering if that could be the culprit - it really really bothers her when she eats. Also am wondering why her doctor didn't check this out since she had a stone removed from one of them when she was going to this guy. She had breast removal about 7 years ago and is a smoker.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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I think I read somewhere once that a salty taste was due to an insufficiency of zinc in the diet. When that happens to me, I take a zinc supplement (30 mg.) for a few days, and try to drink extra water. It eventually goes away.

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Coincidentally, my mom also has had a salty taste in her mouth for over one year now. Has been to ENT Doctor, gastro doctor, general dr, neurologist, cardio dr, dentist, no one seems to have an answer. She is distraught because she is off her food as nothing taste good, and has lost 10lbs or more. She cannot sleep for worrying over it. Has taken every med for gastric reflux which she also has for over 8 years, nothing helps. Anybody out there experienced this. She is 76 yo, otherwise healthy. Tried zinc, no go.

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Here are a couple links to read:
and the one below (the question was posed by someone who also had breast cancer). Hope you can find the problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Salty Taste

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