Leg Cramps Update!

betty_the_villagesAugust 7, 2005

I went to the doctor's and he missed checking my blood sugar. As I went out the door I turned back and ask him...he just sit down and wrote me an order to go for a 2 hour blood check for my sugar. I went and waited the rest of the day to hear and heard nothing from it. That night I got weak and my lower jaw started jerking and I could not talk. My husband took me to the ER early that next morning and found out it was my sugar that was way up. Later I found out that it was over 700.

So always remember if you have leg cramps and dry mouth and thirsty all the time...it is your sugar level being high. I was in the hospital for 11 days. I was so sick. I was tested for everything to make sure no organs were harmed. All the tests came out negative. PTL. I am weak and do not know anything much about sugar Diabetes. That's what I have now :-(. Thank heavens I am signed up for Home Health care for a week. I do not have to be on Insulin. Just pills. But, I don't know how to select my diet. I do not eat anything sweet anymore.

Thank all of you for all your replies.

God Bless!

Betty in Florida

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"I don't know how to select my diet."

Ask your DOCTOR ... he should have lots of informative literature, or be able to tell you where to get some. It's not just "sweets" ... it is also high-fat foods you need to eat in moderation.

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A Registered Dietitian can help you plan a "diet" (healthy eating plan) which will consist of balanced carbohydrates with each meal. As lazygardens said, your doctor should have lots of literature and should have given you other educational information, such as a referal to a dietitian -- did he not??? If not, then call his office to ask for it. I found an RD in the yellow pages. Some communities have diabetes centers in hospitals. It is not just something you can do yourself and, as lazygardens said, is a lot more than just eliminating "sweets". You are fortunate you do not need to take insulin, and regular exercise (just a 30 minute daily walk of moderate pace, if you are not doing anything yet) will do wonders along with your diet and may even enable you to eventually get rid of the pills.

I'm glad you found your answer Betty -- a proper diagnosis of Diabetes can be a blessing in disguise, in that it forces one to eat properly and exercise which can benefit everyone. Unfortunately, many of us don't get the wake-up call unless we get a more serious diagnosis.

Let us know what you find out and how you are doing...


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Betty, so sorry to hear of your trip to the hospital. You must be so happy to be home now. The other people who responded are right: you need to get education about how to eat to protect yourself from another event like you had! There is lots of education available through your hospital, doctor, dieticians and the Amer. Diabetes Assn.

Best wishes, take good care of yourself.


Here is a link that might be useful: American Diabetes Assn.

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Managing my blood sugar has required me to be way more strict with diet and exercise than has been suggested above or in the diabetes education classes I took. I usually restrict myself to one carbohydrate meal a day - usually my morning oatmeal. I have to exercise vigerously for 20 minutes to bring down the sugar after a carb meal. By doing so I have been able to reduce my H-A1C to 5.8. I bought a recumbant exercise bike which has become like a best friend to me. I can hop on any time or weather and bring those nasty sugars right down. I was afraid that I was eating too much fat to compensate for the lack of carbs in my diet, but my lipid profile improved dramatically.

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I too, have night time leg cramps, are they related to diabetes? I take quinine just before bed time but it is becoming less effective. They are really fierce and I have not had a good nights sleep in weeks. Any helpful suggestions Vee

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Vee -
Ask your doctor.

Make sure you have adequate calcium AND magnesium in your diet.

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I needed Potassium very badly. Be sure to have your sugar tested>
Hope this helps. Let us know>
Betty in Florida

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Definitely talk to an RD. It is a complicated problem to solve, especially with all of the mis-leading information out there. Like, oatmeal is great *if* you are eating the regular kind that have to be cooked, or even better, the steel-cut oats. The more processed (instant!), the faster the food burns up after you eat it, the more you get a spike in blood sugar and a crash afterward. And fats can either be great for you (nuts, avocados, olive oil, rich fish) or deadly (especially the trans-fats found in most commercial baked goods). Just remember that they are higher in calories than other sources of food, so you don't end up over-consuming in that sense.

Good luck! Once you start learning more, you may find it quite satisfying and fun - food is good. Think "close to the sun"!

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What is an RD ...Doctor??
Betty In Florida

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Talk to a Registered Dietician or see a Certified Diabetic Educator.....I feel seeing the Certified Diabetic Educator is your best bet....then if he/she feels you need to see a dietician, you can.
Hope you are doing well.

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I don't fell like I got too much out of seeing a diabetic educator. It was a cookie cutter approach because it was a class. The number of carbs that I was told were okay was way too much for me.

I don't recall if it was on this board or elsewhere, but the best advice I have seen was to do some experimenting first - using your glucose monitor to see how you react to different foods. Then, armed with that information and your list of foods that you are willing to eat, you can see a dietician who will help you to plan meals around those limitations.

Dr. Oz on Oprah, when asked a question about mercury in salmon said "Don't sweat the small stuff, the first order of business is to lose weight." I think that for diabetics the prime directive is getting our weight down and our blood sugar under control. If that means eating more fats than are optimal for me, then so be it for now.

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Hello, I am the person that started this thread.
Just to let you know that I did not go to a dietician. I am staying with a Diabetic certifird Doctor.
I have been eating just less at each meal but still the foods I like. My blood sugar count daily has been just under 120. I stay away from candy, but I do have a desert once a day. I use Splenda in my tea and cereal. I tried making cookies with splenda instead of real sugar. They did not turn out very good. They were grainy.
My problem is that I only weigh 108 pounds and I need to gain weight. I take vitamens, but I still never gain a pound. I just wanted to share. My leg pains are gone.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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