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jayokieAugust 20, 2007

Feb 22 'Coolmama' posted in reply to fish oil supplements. She mentioned that fish oil (capsules) was good for the hair. Does that mean healthier (adding oil for dry hair?) Or in other ways? My hair has always been oily, & has gotten worse in recent months. I've been taking fish oil supplements for over a year....can it be that the supplements are now responsible for this add'l hair oiliness? I simply cannot get it to feel clean (well, what *I* think of as clean. I know it IS, it's just not what/how I want it. Kinda hard to explain. CM, would you or someone else - expand on your statement, please. Thanks!

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When I used to use Pert (for more "body"), I discovered that after awhile, my hair always felt dirty. I started using Suave "daily clarifying" shampoo and it got much better.
I think some shampoos add alot of junk to make your hair feel thicker, but it ends up building up on the hair too much and then it feels dirty.
I know this doesn't answer your question, but might be another reason for your "dirty" hair.

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Thanks, Catherinet, for the response. I use Tresseme (sorry, don't think it's spelled right) my hairdresser said is 'the best'. For a long time, I agreed. Suave doesn't do anything positive for my hair & now, I'm getting discouraged with Tresseme. I agree, the shampoos add so much the purpose is defeated. I don't DARE use anything with conditioner. I'll keep looking for answers. Thanks, again, for your suggestion. I appreciate it!

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