how m any carbs a day?

chery2August 11, 2008

DH and I have studied the ATKINS' diet and have decided to try it. I have lots of info, but nothing telling me how many carbs per day is advisable if we want to lose weight -the sooner the better.

Thanks, chery2

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Could you just get the book from the library and read it? I know that the carb count is very, very, low - usually just the amount you pick up incidentally in cottage cheese for example. You might look at the "South Beach" diet instead. I think it is a bit more sensible. That's the one my Dr. recommends. I have been on low carb diets and I will lose about a pound a day, but it isn't a long term plan and that is the only way I will go. "Start as you mean to go on" is good advice for raising children or starting a new diet.

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I went on the South Beach diet in Feb. and quickly lost my 15 lbs. It's the only diet I have been able to stick to. I have maintained my weight loss for about 5 months now. You are allowed about 60 carbs a day on this diet. I've sometimes had more than 60 and lost. Try it. It's an easy plan, even if you eat out.

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Surely if you read the Atkins book, it should tell you how to go about the diet. I and my dh researched it about 6 years ago when during the Induction 2 weeks they recommended only 25 carbs per day. Since then, they increased the recommended number of carbs. We lost our excess weight, about 25 lbs each, and have been following it ever since. We are perfectly happy with it.

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Carbs should be no more than 50% of your diet.

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