Preverco vs. Mirage

patmc102August 11, 2011

I am replacing carpet with either of the above products. I am using engineered wood because I have radiant heat. I would appreciate any feedback on either product from folks who have it.

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We have Mirage Lock, Maple, Charcoal, Cashmere finish. (Originally saw it at a "Parade of Homes" so knew how it would look installed.)It is top quality (normally described as the "cadillac"). It really was nice to work with/install. Perfectly straight, no warping whatsoever, strong finish, beautiful/rich color.

Mirage is NOT a picture and is sawn cut (relying on memory, that may not be the word) and NOT "peeled" which makes for repeat in grains. Mirage does not repeat, every board is unique and is real wood. It comes in 5 or so lengths that you stagger when installing.

Like most wood floors, Mirage too will get scratched if you don't be careful. Even with that special finish. Our kids are grown and out of the house, no pets, area rugs here and there, so we've kept it in nearly perfect shape for 6 months and counting. You can buy a touch up kit. We use the Mirage spray cleaner too and it's awesome.Works well.

We purchased online through Hurst Hardwoods, FL, but only because it was a "contractor close out", normally Mirage is NOT sold online. We tried to shop local stores by us but there were few around and none with the Lock that we wanted, so we were happy to find online.

Never heard of Preverco. Hope this helps

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I love my Brazilian Cherry Floors but if they came in Mirage Lock, I would have chosen that over the BR-111 which was difficult to install with the glue. I do not know anything about Preverco but I know Mirage is one of the best!

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I looked up information on the Preverco hardwood floors and the company is in Canada and sounds like a quality product with even an engineered locking version of the floor in two widths!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Both are fine companies making quality products.

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Thank you for all your comments. I have decide it will be between these two companies. I just have to pick a floor and see who has the right color. I will leave comments when I decide and tell you all how I made out and if I am pleased. I always come to Garden Web and check out the comments before I make a big decision. I am very grateful for this site.

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Sorry to be responding late. We are currently dealing with a Preverco disaster. I am not sure it is the product's fault (we have the Preloc locking version in maple over the Soundloc barrier on concrete). It looks beautiful but is horrible to walk on. We have tons of soft spots (one foot sinks while the other doesn't) and a whole lot of crackling and creaking to the point that when we are having a conversation and someone walks by, you can't hear the person you are talking to!! There definitely were problems with the installation -- the flooring guy relied on the general contractor to level the floor -- and did not check how level it was before starting the installation. They installed the floor under heavy kitchen cabinetry and they did not leave any expansion gaps. Total disaster. We will have to pull it up, and may try re-laying it ourselves after using a self-leveling concrete underneath and a thicker underlayment than the (very thin) Soundloc from Preverco. We may also glue the pieces together so they don't creak so much. (Or maybe we will suck it up and start from scratch with new boards.) Ugh, this is a total disappointment in an otherwise fabulous kitchen/dining/family room project.

Another thing -- where we live (New England), floating floors are not that common and many installers are not as familiar with them as they are in other parts of the country (e.g. California.) If you live in a "rare floating floor area", be sure the person who lays the floor has experience with this type of product or you may be sorry.

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One thing you might consider that we're sure helped a LOT: Our subfloor was screwed down but not NEARLY as much as it should have been so before the underlayment went down we went around on tippytoes finding every single creak or squeak we could find and then screwing MORE screws into the subfloor along the floor joists which pulled the subfloor and joists tighter together so less flex which causes creaking/squeaking. We also used some sort of leveling stuff for a couple of low spots because, you are right, those low spots create creaks! I'm not an expert even though we did a darn good job as DIY, and maybe someone here will respond, but we were recommended to do those things by a flooring installer/friend as a tip to us because we were concerned about all our creaks pre-new floor. I think it helped a lot and we'd be in your boat had we not taken heed.

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Thanks -- I wish we could do that, but we have a concrete subfloor, so no joists to speak of. But maybe we can do something analogous. I think part of the problem is the underlayment is just too thin.

Just curious - what kind of leveling compound can you use on a wood subfloor?

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Well, WE used something called: Level Quik Latex Primer (label on bottle says: Find Product Details at

We also have a box of powder: Speed Finish Patching & Finishing Compound but not sure which my husband used for what? Sorry couldn't be more specific. There's people MUCH MORE knowledgable than I so HOPEFULLY they will respond!

Good Luck!

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Thanks, tyjy -- I think I should start a separate thread on this topic! I feel I kind-of hijacked this one anyway, though the Preverco part is relevant.

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