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d0ugAugust 6, 2013

When your cars red oil light comes on, it means your car is not healthy and the light is telling you about a potential problem. The red oil warning light is not the cause of a problem only and signals that a problem exists. Cutting the wire does not fix the problem only stops you from being aware. When putting in oil addresses the cause, when you put in oil the light goes out.
Now when your body has pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis and all the other symptoms are just warning that you have a problem. The pain is not a deficiency of pain killers so why do you kill the messenger, without addressing the cause. Type two diabetes is caused by a lack of absorption of two minerals but orthodox medicine want to attack the symptom, cut the wire to the red light. High blood cholesterol is not a shortage of statins. Cholesterol is what your body uses to help you to repair the damage to your arteries. Arteries inflammation is the cause and not dietary fat. Interesting that people who go on an Atkins�s diet which is very high in fat low in carbohydrates that there cholesterol goes down. Medical system is all about symptom management and not addressing the cause
There is an undiagnosed problem that affects 30% of Americans and that is gluten intolerance. Gluten intolerance destroys the digestion track so you are unable to absorb essential nutriments but you can absorb sugar and carbohydrates.
It is very easy to see how many people are over weight and have medical problems. This is because they are not getting the essential nutriments but are getting sugar and carbohydrates.
Dr. Linus Pauling two time winner of a Nobel Prizes in medical science said; you can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.
Lacking vitamin the system can make use of minerals lacking mineral vitamins are useless.

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To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.

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All the meditation and all the yogic exercise will not produce minerals. For example white-grey hair is a copper deficiency and all the meditation will not fix it but copper will.

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Then theres mine I was doomed from birth

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Interesting the man that found the genome was preside by the medical system because they could blame everything on hereditary. Then when he said that genes has nothing to do with health they called him a quack

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He was a quack from the sound of it. I am old enough to have seen the things in my sons and nieces linked directly to heredity.

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And here is another person they called a quack DR. Ignaz Samuelveiss they discredited him and clamed he was insane.How dare this doctor tell the well educated physicians to wash their hands.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 2 million patients develop infections during a hospital stay and almost 100,000 patients die as a result of healthcare-acquired infections. They are still not washing their hands.
Who is the real quack a holistic doctor who treats the cause and the symptoms go away or Allopathic doctors who treat symptoms and never fix the problem.
Anyone that has been taking prescription drugs for over three months your medical system has failed you

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Anyone that has been taking prescription drugs for over three months your medical system has failed you

Are you joking with that statement? Do you have any idea how absolutely ludicrous that statement is?

Are you planning to tell and epileptic that takes anti convulsant medications that they are not being treated properly?

Are you planning to tell an organ transplant patient that is taking anti rejection meds that they are not being treated properly?

Are you planning to tell an asthmatic that uses inhalers that they are not being treated correctly?

And that's just a couple of examples off the top of my head.

My husband is sure as heck not going to stop his anti convulsants and try some holistic approach to treat his seizure disorder. We both have this "thing" about never wanting to see him have a grand mal seizure again as long as we live and those meds, that you are saying "anyone that has been taking prescription drugs for over three months your medical system has failed you.".
Well those meds have prevented seizures for over 25 years.

My friend is alive today because of a combo of a kidney transplant and anti rejection meds. holistic approach isn't going to help my friend either.

And I will take my "allopathic doctors" treatment of both cancers that I have had, any day of the week over any kind of bogus claims by any holistic doctor that they can cure cancer.
Got this thing about such things as ground peach pits and the like, and the holistic type approach didn't do anything for Steve Jobs. he regretted to his dying day, that he attempted that kind of treatment for his cancer instead of the conventional treatments. He might very well be alive today, if he had gone the conventional root and used medications for more than 3 months.

Blanket statements that you make that condemn the entire medical system that we have are so absurd and so far fetched that it is almost laughable if they weren't so dangerous.

Your idea is in line with "throwing out the baby with the bath water", approach and that is absurd.

No one, including the health care system, hospitals, doctors, anyone within the medical system claims that they are perfect, nor will they ever be.

But your attitude is one that totally wreaks of nothing more than a vendetta and much of what you claim is pure exaggeration, to say the least.

Hospitals are known for being "unhealthy". It is where people go when they are sick, have infections that require hospitalization and people will pick up infections, illnesses, no matter how careful staff are and how frequently they wash their hands.

Last spring, I spent 10 days in the hospital after having major abdominal surgery, and any staff that entered my room, used hand sanitizer before they crossed the threshold into my room. They, then, donned latex gloves before touching me or any medical equipment that was attached to me or I was using. The gloves where removed and thrown out before leaving the room and the hand sanitizer was used at the threshold before leaving the room. If that staff member was then going to enter another patients room, they had to use hand sanitizer again before entering the room.
Even those that entered the room to serve meals, clean the room, anyone including visitors where required to use hand sanitizer before entering and leaving the room.

Even with all that added care, infections occur and will continue to do so because nothing in this world is perfect and some people are just more prone to develop infections no matter how much care is used to prevent them from occurring.

Do remember, Doug, people in hospitals are already sick, run down, debilitated and therefore are far more prone and likely to develop an infection, and nothing can change those basic risks.

Since my own hospitalization and personal experience as a patient, I have been in several other hospitals, both major named ones and community hospitals and the same procedure was being done as I experienced, and yet, one of my friends developed a staph infection post surgery, even with all the care to prevent it from happening was taken.

As for your last example of a doctor being discredited, Dr. Ignaz Samuleveiss, why did you use him as an example and neglect to add the info of when he lived and died? Didn't want to let people know how long ago it was that he gave his advise?

July 1, 1818 - August 13, 1865. yup, folks, he was born in 1818 and died in 1865, just about 148 years ago.

I think we've come a long way since he advocated washing hands and was ignored, by established medicine at the time.

You need to realize and understand that the world of medicine is not black and white, as you attempt to make it out to be.

There are so many various shades of gray that they can't be counted.

To make the outlandish statements that you continue to make on just about every post of yours and threads that you start, that does nothing but condemn medicine is so way over the top and so outlandish that it is obvious you are full of nothing more than a vendetta and just can't let go of a bad experience.

Maybe you should think about that for a while, this vendetta you are carrying around with you and learn to deal with it and return to living a live within reality.

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Why are people on drug for so long is medical system does not want to cure them even if a cure exists. People who go to alternative health professionals get off the organ transplant list and are able to stop their drugs.
Most of what I post is backed up by the medical association in their own words or don't you believe them either.
The idea of going to the doctor is to be cured and not to manage symptoms forever.
When a doctor starts curing people he is either discredited, his licence taken away or has to leave the country in order to help people.
For example Dr. Burzynski has been curing the patience that medical science say are impossible. He has been arrases by the medical system threatening to take his licence he has been raided on regular bases from the FDA all because his system works.
The Chiropractors after being slandered by the AMA for years went to court and go a land mark decision in 1976 against the AMA.
Each year the medical system kills 225,000 and they all get a raise and no one goes to jail. If a foreign country killed 5,000 people they would go to war. If an air line killed that amount no one would fly

This medical monopoly protects itself and prevents any competition. It is about to fail and when the doctors start curing people instead of worrying about their house and car payments. Or people finally stop using them and go to the other scientific clinical proven alterative medicine.

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Very well said littleonefb. The shame of it he will never believe what any us of say. I don't understand why he keeps coming back with this kind of stuff. He knows he will be called on it, but he just keeps coming back for more.

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Thanks EmmaR, it's that vendetta he is carrying. The death of a family member that he can't deal with and must have someone to blame.

That blame is placed on medicine, doctors, anyone and anything that has something to clearly and directly with traditional medicine.

That's because traditional medicine failed his family member and he can't deal with that, can't reconcile the fact that medicine is not perfect, never has been, never will be. Nothing is perfect, but it far easier to believe that something that was never tried is perfect and something that was and failed is the cause of anything and everything wrong.

d0ug will continue to post as he does because he has become obsessed with this vendetta, can't let it go and the only fear I have is that a GW member will come to this forum looking for help and believe the ludicrous statements and claims that he is making and will turn to the wrong treatment for whatever is wrong and suffer the consequences of the outlandish claims and advise that d0ug keeps spouting about.

One should never just take advise from a health forum of any kind, but way to many people do just that, and that seems to be what this member is counting on.

This vendetta could very well destroy d0ug if he doesn't get control of it and deal with it, but that is his issue not ours.

The issue we have is that he keeps on spouting out the outlandish claims that he does and there will be people that will fall this pile of absurdity and that is the saddest part of all.

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Attacking me personally does not change the fact that the medical system the way it is now is a failure.
The medical system was hijacked over 100 years ago and allopathic medicine became the only recognised medicine and became the only recognised medical treatment. For 100 years people have had their choice limited. They have systematically discredited and destroyed all competition. Here is where you can read about it.

There is a place for allopathic medicine but it should be put on an equal ground with all the other healing arts and not the only game in town.
When all fields of medicine can stand on equal ground and be held responsible for their actions. This will be the fist time we will have real health care.
When you have the opportunity to choose having your symptoms management or be cured. Let the people make the choices which they have not had.

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I'm open minded,..we can all voice our opinion and at the end of the day we have a joice if we want to try snake oil or have prostate cancer surgery done by a trained pysican.

My mother in law is 89 years old and still performs accupuncture,..studied in China. She has helped/cured many things when medical doctors were at lost of trying.

Overall, I believe in modern medicine and the progress we've made, ..if it wasn't for them then life expectancy wouldn't be this high.

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If this is true the longest living people should be where they have the best medical and that is not true. The life expectancy in the US is a way down compared to other countries. The longest living people in the world are people who have no doctors or use medical systems. Hunza and others: most of the longest living people live in mountain ranges and have no doctors

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I don't believe that for one minute. I have visited other countries, countries with no doctors where they live and no way to get to one. They do not live very long. They die of simple things like pneumonia because there are no antibiotics. They die in childbirth and of infections that are easily cured in this country by doctors. I know an American doctor who went to Peru on vacation and she decided to stay there and help the people. She has been there for years and the death rate went down in the area she serves. I have also visited two different countries in Africa and it is a little better there, but they don't live a long time either.

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That's right,...take the jungle tribes,..if they get to be be 50 in average that would be old.

Hunza was taken out of wak...

But careful scientific evaluation of physical and biochemical parameters revealed that the age of individuals living in these areas was significantly exaggerated. A study of more than 500 individuals claiming to be between 120 and 170 years old revealed that all were in fact under 108 - and most were in their 80s.

Just take the surgery aspect,..I'm thinking the robotics of the da Vinci system is just marvelous,..they can perform very precise surgeries without cutting you up from top to bottom, sure, they have made mistakes but without we wouldn't learn,....I surely can see much improvement in surgeries with less complications, I call this drastic progress!

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I have done tests .xrays.blood work,dialysis 7 years, .dr visits.and yes medications for 40 years.It takes more than your mind and yes its hereditary grandmother died at 40,my mother 46,Im still here.Out of mothers 2 kids in her family my mother had it,in our family out 5 kids 3 had it out of my 3 2 have it.didnt know it was in the family till my mother died.dont tell me go read some more Ive lived it.Yes no meds strokes,heart attacks etc yes...

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I had robotic surgery last Oct to remove a cancerous kidney. I went home in 3 days with only 2 restrictions, no heavy lifting for 6 weeks or driving for a week. I needed no help, I was not sick at all. Thanks to my wonderful surgeon for his services and the wonderful hospitals that supplied him with the equipment he needed.

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The US spends more money on health than all the other nations put together and they are there is 36 nations who live longer. They expect that the US will sink even lower on the list. So much for medical science and longevity.
How can you be so proud of your surgery when the fact is the doctors have failed you. They did not cure the problem that is why you needed the surgery. Surgery does not address the cause only removes the result. If the cause is not addressed it will show up some where else. If you need surgery you are using the wrong doctor. You should not get mad with me by pointing out the obvious. You should be mad at the doctors for failing you.
Who is the modern snake oil salesman is the doctors who prescribe Vicodin, Oxycontin, Vioxx, Mirapex Lipitor Chantix, Lariam, Prozac, Plavix, Baycol, Bextra, Colchicine
These snake oils and others kill thousand and injure millions of people and they all get a pass from judgement and no one goes to jail.
To big to fail and to evil to expose

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So, are you saying you never get prostate cancer, or,...if you get any cancer you have a cure?

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I have may friends that have had prostrate cancer and they looked to alternative medicine and they don't have it now.
Prevention is the answer. Another friend had pancreatic cancer and now cancer free using baking soda and fixing his mineral deficiencies.

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1931 Dr Otto Warburg was a doctor and Nobel laureate. Show that cancer can only survive in an acid low oxygen environment. He clamed and proved he could turn any health cell into a cancer cell and also reverse it.

The mineral selenium alone can lower the risk of prostate cancer by 63%

Any time you surgically touch the prostrate it puts out a chemical which causes blood clotting. You now have increased your risk of heart attack and stroke by 90%

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genetics aren't always enough as not getting the right diet can mean stunted growth regardless of how tall your parent are and genetics..

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Good to hear!
So...what's the alternative medicine to prostate cancer?
Better yet, do you prevent it?


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How would I prevent cancer is stop using things that cause it like cooking oils over cooked meats peel of baked potato. There is also many chemical in foods that are carcinogenic. Make sure my digestion system is working correctly because if I where gluten intolerant t would prevent me from getting the nourishment out of my food. I would take all essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids by body needs especially selenium. There is some herbs that are useful in helping the prostate saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba, cranberry and pumpkin seeds.

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Thank you so much Doug for sharing your information!

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