Anyone else who can't stomach vitamins?

Glitter53August 23, 2005

Our 28-year old DD wanted to start taking vitamins, so, like a good Mom, I bought her a VERY good brand, and she took one this morning. AND within a 1/2hr began vomiting, which continued the rest of the morning. She thinks this happened before, many years ago when she was unable to take iron, so I'm wondering if any of you have had such experiences, and if so, was iron the culprit?

Needless to say, I've inherited that bottle of vitamins, and she's laughingly said she'd better switch to Flintstones!

Any ideas?

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Don't knock the Flintstones. I take them because it's so easy to chew them up. They are suitable for adults too. Read the label. They don't have all the fancy minerals, but the vitamine content is OK. I'm not convinced that anyone with a reasonable sane diet would need all those extra minerals anyway. I suspect that most of them just zip on out with the rest of the leftovers.

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Thanks, LogFrog...I'll pick her Flintstones up before I meet her for lunch today! ;-D

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Taking them with food might help. They often bother my stomach if I take them without food.

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I had problems taking a multi purpose vitamin, upset stomach, no appetite. Have switched to just Vitamin C and can take that ok.

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Please see my discussion of multivitamins in the link below.

As for the Flintstones... *sigh* These are candy-coated, pseudo-multivitamin wannabees marketed to children not unlike Happy Meals, neither of which are likely to provide happy results. Please invite your DD to educate herself as to the nature of multivitamins and why they cause allergic reactions, or advise her to save her money and perhaps purchase some organic produce instead.

Here is a link that might be useful: Multivitamins

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i am surprised that so many people took extra vitamins . Why not eat properly, just the right amounts of Rice, Patatoes, lot's of vegetables, seefood (weeds) nori, kombu, wakame, some fisch or poultry, .You can do hard sport and working hard just by that. Natural food is just combined in the right amounts of minerals, proteins, fat,...Its the farmacie compagnies who want to belief us that you need all this extra pills, but thousant years we just eat our domestic food. Are people now stronger, healhter, happier than 100 years ago ?

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