Cellulitus: Has anyone had this?

Garden_MommaAugust 6, 2005


To give a little history....I had surgery done on left leg and had plates and pins put in at break sites in Mar 03. In Sept '04 I was hospitalized with all kinds of tests and treatments DR did not know if I had cellulitus or osteomylitus but I was in hosp for about three wks and follow up inhome care for four weeks. The infection did go away by the end of that time and my last Dr. appt was informed that it was not osteomylitus but cellulitus. Now it appears that I may have cellulitus again. I had health coverage 1st time and none this time, seems like he does't want to treat me but send to hosp. I've seen the dr once but have been trying to stay off and keep elevated with off and on ice packs. He did give me samples and a precription of what I had before. The symptoms are the same but does not seem to have become full blown. Do you think I can kick this on own or should I see if I asolutely need to go to hosp? I'm just afraid of being put back in and that they won't listen to me pertaining to what it may be. I would appreciate anyones opinion and or maybe suggestions of what could be helpful....Thank You

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Cellulitis can be a nasty, hard to cure infection. Keeping your leg elevated and ice packs on it, may make it feel better, but it's not going to do a thing to kill off the infection. If your doctor feels that you need hospitalization, I think you should either do it or get a second opinion. You do not want to have the infection spread. There is a danger of it infecting the bone. THAT'S really BIG trouble.

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Cellulitis is not something to treat yourself. It can turn into sepsis which is a systemic infection. I had cellulitis in my leg years ago after I cut my ankle and then it became infected. I had red streaks going up my leg -- my mom almost went through the roof when she saw the bottle of antibiotics and told me "you could have lost your leg!!!".

Don't mess with it -- please see your doctor.


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Thank you Logfrog and Jenn for responses. I know I really should do that but was hoping the samples and presc with staying off and icepacked would do the trick. But I really don't want it to progress or be hospitalized!

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