Toe Nail question.Need answer soon

milleAugust 28, 2008

My daughter just called me and told me that two of her toenails on same foot just fell off for no apparent reason. She also gets a pain in that leg,like a nerve or something. Could anyone give me any info. on what could be causing this. I am concerned. Please I need an answer for her. Thanks.

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Is she a runner? Sometimes runners toes will fall off after a long run or if she recently went hiking the friction of your feet on those rugged trails can cause them to fall off. If not I would think she is a diabetic? Any other trauma to her feet she may have forgotten about thinking it wasn't a big deal at the time such as dropping something on her toes or walking into something? If not i would call her doctor's office and ask a nurse what they think.

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I concur with everything lane76 said, except she meant to type "toe NAILS will fall off..." which does sometimes happen from the reasons she mentioned. Since your daughter has already lost 2 nails I'd get it checked out right away to determine if it was trauma related or if there is something systemic going wrong in her body.

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I suffer from Lupus, and a couple of my scarier symptoms are massive hair loss and nail loss... please tell her to get full blood work done by her doctor... nail loss can signal a lot of things, but they don't just fall off for no reason!

Imagine my surprise when I was clipping my toenails after a bath, and one suddenly slid right off my toe when I touched it with the clippers... scared me badly! I've gotten used to the more strange symptoms that come with my particular disease, but new pains and new symptoms still surprise me at times.

It's always best to get a medical opinion when something abnormal happens to your body... I do hope she's ok.

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