New Buick in garage!

Faron79July 15, 2014

A surprise, somewhat, that DW bought it!

She didn't she'd EVER get an "Old-Man's" car...but...I kept telling her that most Buicks are much different now!! We drove a Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Avalon, Buick Regal Turbo-AWD (4-cyl.), regular front-wheel-drive Regal, the slightly larger LaCrosse, etc.

We THOUGHT we'd like the Avalon best, but were left "underwhelmed" by it!!! Even though it had Toyota's "normal" V6 (no hybrid-crap/version wanted by US anyway...), we kept coming back to the Regal AWD-Turbo!!

Our new-arrival is a 2014 Buick-Regal AWD-Turbo!!
* The thing is LOADED! Premium II trim.
* It's actually a Demo car, so we saved a bunch...relative to if brand new. Only 1,000 miles on it!
* She looks awesome! Beautiful "Carbon-Black Metallic", with Black leather all around inside. The metallic is so cool cuz' the flecks are larger. Seems a little more..."glittery"???
* Just that paint is a $1,000 option, as are the 18" chrome wheels, & the $1,000 sunroof...Uffda!!!
* All kinds of fancy electronics inside! We've never had a car with the color-screens in it. Bluetooth-connectivity, XM/Onstar, Voice-activated radio (if desired), weather-display, street-maps, Pandora-service, etc.
* The adaptive cruise-control intrigues me! You can set the "gap" between you & other cars, & it'll keep a distance!
* Similarly...the Lane-departure, & car-proximity alerts seem pretty cool!
* I guess there's lots of "Beams" coming out of this car!

I think we'll like our new "Girl"...;-)


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Annie Deighnaugh

Wow! Congrats! and enjoy it!

But please read the book first...with all those electronic gadgets, you don't want to be fooling with them while you're driving...or you won't have your new Buick for too long!

I asked DH about getting a new car and he said fuggetaboutit! Too complicated to operate these days. I never realized how much gadgetry they added. (I have had the experience of getting in a rental car and spending 10 min trying to figure out how to start the darn thing.) He's far more comfortable driving our '48 jeep.

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That sounds awesome! I love the idea of the "gap" for cruise control! And woo hoo to the sunroof! Glad you got it to enjoy before the wint_ _ (can't spell out the word; feels like a bad word to me these days) sets in! The demo car option is a great deal.

If we don't hear from you, we'll know you're either out enjoying the car or have been beamed back up to its home planet!

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Congratulations Faron! I have noticed the Buicks are looking sharp these days.

I have an old Buick in the garage...she's a lot of fun! I Hope yours lasts 40 years.

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Faron79's weird starting it by just pushing a button!

The newer "Proximity key-fobs" have a side-cut key that pops out, but you don't literally insert it into the traditional cylinder. Just having the fob near/in the car enables the push-to-start button! I hope we don't lose one of them...NOT!

If the Onstar system is active (6 mo. trial here), you can get the "Buick app" on the cell-phone, & start the car from another location....and can also set it to heat or cool, & a few other operations??

Might have to use the Bluetooth/synching feature, so our 3 cell-phones can be used thru the audio-system, without having to literally hold them. My '08 Impala LTZ has Onstar "Hands-free calling", but can't "pair" with cell-phones.

Yes...this car seems like the "Enterprise" of STAR-TREK fame!
......wonder if its got "Warp-speed"....?!?!?!?!? :-0


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OH MY, BP!!!!

That's a sharp old Girl!!!! Is it literally a '74 Skylark? That is SO cool!


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Did you hear about the papa bird who proudly announced to his family that he had just placed a deposit on a new Buick?

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Oh wow...what am I stepping into here BD...?!!??!

Okay, I'll bite...
"What happened to Papa-Bird"???


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Congrats.....I remember my dad beaming with pride over his 1958 Buick (I think Roadmaster) we drove from Ohio to California in it the summer of 59 when we moved......and later Mom (and I) drove a 1972 royal blue Skylark.

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Aaaaahh's SO fun to hear reminiscing about older cars too!!! I miss my Dad's 1974 Black Lincoln Town-Car....with the "Suicide doors"!

I think our new Regal would've been MSRP'd @ just under $40G. I wish it was the GS-model, with 19" vs our 18" wheels, & a 3-level selectable suspension-dampening. Oh well...we love her anyway!
(I THINK ours has every possible option?)


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Annie Deighnaugh

c'mon must post a picture!

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Oh Wow, Faron! Sounds like a beauty. You will love having bluetooth and XM radio and all the new bells and whistles. All new vehicles are supposed to be equipped with rearview cameras in the next couple of years. I think they are great!

I've always been partial to Buicks since I learned to drive on my parent's '62 Electra 425! A big land-yacht! Then I had my 'Vomit Comet' and my '65 VW Beetle but oh well. That big beast was still fun to cruise in now and then when I could talk my mother into it. Got myself a new ride a couple of months ago. Mine also has the keyless entry and it has really taken some getting used to. We took a long-ish road trip about a month ago and really enjoyed the new GPS. Loads of new features.

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Yes, Faron, show us a pic please. It sounds gorgeous! All those added bells & whistles are fun and so convenient. I have most of them on my Sienna but have never heard of Pandora-service. What is it? I especially love the convenience of my Bluetooth and back-up camera. DH loves his Sirius XM radio and says that he'll "never go back to regular radio again". I don't have that one.

Annie, you have a '48 Jeep?!? OMG, how great is that? My dream car (truck) is a '52 Ford F-100 in a pale green. Right now they're about $20,000 . . . custom. Maybe someday when I hit the lottery and can afford to add on to our garage to store it in . . . and hire someone who knows how to fix them (LOL)!

Faron, hurry up as I'm anxious to see that paint job on yours. Can you tell I grew up in the Motor City area (LOL)???

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Ummm, come on. You know we always expect pictures of every new baby!

My grandfather had a Buick in the 50s. It was so luxurious. Huge, upholstery to die for, etc. I loved riding in that big old car.

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My husband has Onstar but, for reason I don't understand, doesn't use it. Last weekend as we drove all over Montreal, I kept saying from the backseat, just hit the Onstar button and we'll get directions. He wouldn't do it and my sister in the front seat wasn't sure whose side to take. Finally when I was in the front seat, I just hit the button and we had excellent, easy to follow directions. I said now that you see how easy it is will you use it next time? Actually, if I'm not in the car, I don't care if he doesn't use it. I will definitely use it even if he's driving.

For anyone with Sirus radio, I have friends who have let it lapse after the free trial and then Sirus offered a lower price to get them back. So don't sign up until you negotiate a better price than what they first offer.

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Congratulations! It sounds like a very cool car.

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This post reminded me of the story below, which caught my eye while catching up on headlines this morning. It notes a shift in teens about how they feel about buying cars and driving in general. My kids aren't driving yet, but I have heard many stories from parents of teens in my community whose teens are taking their time through driving school, and not so eager to drive. And most of these parents are willing to provide (or help finance) a car for their teens.

Here is a link that might be useful: When owning a car made you a god

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On the day I got married, my dad drove me to the church in his red Buick Skylark. I knew he really loved me (well I knew that anyway) when he let me put white pom-poms on it.

Never know when a conversation on this site will spark a great memory.

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Bluetooth in car is awesome. Google maps will even go through the speakers.

We love our Sirius/XM!

Would love to see a photo, Faron.

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This NEAT!!!
All the stories/memories associated with cars usually bring up some good times for reminiscing!

What's YOUR new ride...?!?!?

We used to have a couple oooolld '46 Ford pickups on the farm! Used for service-vehicles, etc. Couldn't even hear them running, & this was in the 70's!! Inline 6's I think...?

Cyn, & others...
I'll find my slightly better camera & get some pix...IF DW comes home right after work, without any joy-riding!

I've been "re-enrolling" in Onstar's "3 months on us" promo a couple times, over this past winter, & again early this spring. My '08 Impala LTZ doesn't have the fancy screen(s) in newer cars, but does show directions in that kind of blue "dot-matrix" where radio-stations display. DW & DD have the new I-phones, which uses "Siri" & scrolling maps. Those work good...IF there's a co-pilot running the phone!!

Roughly monthly, I'll get the "Please come back" to XM emails and/or letters. They DO have some good offers!!
>>> About the only stations I'd REALLY need are the 60's, 70's, "80's on 8"!!!, XM33's "First-Wave", XM38 "Hair-Nation", XM39 "Ozzy's-Boneyard, & a handful of others.
>>> Haven't subscribed yet, but I do watch for the periodic 2 wk. trials...

That's a very nice story!


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Faron, She is a 1972 Buick Skylark GS. I bought her just about 18 years ago when I was pregnant with DS and had no business spending money or looking at cars. I think I paid for her for 10 years in tiny payments. The proverbial little old lady owned the car and I've named the car Mrs. Horowitz after her.

I've had a lot of fun driving that car over the years. She has about 80,000 miles and is in need of some cosmetic work but runs great.

I love cars! So fun to look, and there are so many nifty things now. After talking DH into getting my last car, I'm on hiatus...I have to like it for a LONG time. :)


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Bethpen, that is a really cool car! The kind of car you always would love to find.

Faron, my new ride is a new BMW 528. I too snagged a demo with only 4000 miles on it. It was pretty well loaded and had some options I probably wouldn't have bought/chosen had I been building it up from scratch but I got a great deal. I'm still finding neat things about it.

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Wow! A Beemer is always stud!!
It's good to save $$ on a nice Demo.
Oh..."I'll show you mine if you show me yours..."



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I'll take a photo! The only one I have now is one I took at the dealership when I was looking at it. Sent it to my DH while I was out 'shopping'! BTW I made a typo or something when I was talking about the big Buick...should have said Electra 225. It had a big ole V8 400-something engine as I recall. Anyway, that baby could fly! I didn't tell my mother how I knew that!

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Here you go, Faron. We're yin and yang I guess. Yours is black, mine is white! Now I need to see that purty Buick!

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Very pretty, outsideplaying! Bet it is fun to drive!

Now, come on, Faron. Take a break from joyriding with your DW and post a picture!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Nice wheels, OP!!

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Dear God OSP...
That thing is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Trying to find DW's camera. Mine doesn't take very good pix, & my cam-phone isn't the best (Samsung Brightside). Plus...I've had a rare summertime cold...pita!

I'm in LOOOOOOooove with this "Carbon-Black Metallic"!! Paint seems so deep, & the larger silver flecks remind me of a nighttime starfield. Sounds corny, but it's true!


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I'll link this video of a 2014 Regal-Turbo AWD that's 97% the same as a "Teaser"!
* This car doesn't have our wheels. Ours are a stunning (to ME!) 5-wide CHROME spokes, 19".
* Our interior is ALL Black, with NO wood. DW can't stand "wood-like" trims! I'm not that fond of them either...
* The video's car seems like "regular" Black...not the cool metallic!


Here is a link that might be useful: 2014 Regal vid...

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Cyn, yes, it is fun to drive. I've always loved to drive a good car I guess. This is my 3rd BMW. I'd have a garage full of fun cars if I could afford it! Faron and Annie, thanks!

Faron, hope your cold gets better and you can get out and enjoy your car - with the windows rolled down! The video is great, but bet any photos won't do that black paint justice. It sounds beautiful!

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A teaser...;-) last...uploaded some nighttime-driveway shots!
Taken just a couple hours ago.
This one's in garage obviously!


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Peony4, my teen was in no rush to get his license either. I'm a stay-at-home Mom and he has a younger sibling, so he figured Mom's taxi was still an option. My current car will become the family extra car and I'll be getting a new one, but no point in buying my new one until he could drive! He is about 6 months behind schedule, LOL.

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I'm baaaack!
Couple more shots of her on the driveway Thurs. nite...
The flash on DW's camera is fairly bright! Makes the wheelwell seem "lit-up"!

.....and down the pass. side-
Weird how the flash lit up the headliner with kind of a pale "Matrix"-like green! It's actually gray. The water behind the car is from when I scrubbed the driver-side tires off & rinsed. Then I applied the Auto-Magic tire-dressing (seen in the 1st pic here).

Wider view of pass-side-

Rear 3/4 view-

Her cute little "Tush"...;-)

Other rear 3/4-

She's kinda "toothy"...?!??! Again, I apparently have the "Matrix" interior...wth?

"Close-up" of her face-

Had to put her back-to-bed! DD's '04 Sebring is on the right. My Impala is in the 3rd stall...

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Back in...just b4 lights-out!

I think she's pretty!! did last yrs shot of my Imp in West-Yellowstone get here?!!?!? It was last mid-July!

There's the pix of my "Girls"!


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Annie Deighnaugh

Very nice!!!

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Very pretty Faron! Enjoy your new ride.

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Awesome, Faron! Do you call it the Batmobile, lol? It's a beauty!

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Thanks guys!

Since I'm a LOOOOOOOoooooonnnngg-time KISS fan, my name for "Her" is "Black-Diamond"! The song was on KISS's first album, waaaayy back in 1974...Uffda!

Since she's Black...AND seems to fit!


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That's one prett.....uh, handsome car, Faron. Enjoy!

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