Homemade Cappelletti and Tortellino

ann_tMarch 12, 2014

Made pasta yesterday. Two slightly different shapes. Same filling.

Cappelletti and Tortellino.

The cappelletti was a little smaller and I froze them to be used another day in Cappelletti in Brodo.

The Tortellino are larger.

And we had the Tortellino for dinner.

Filled with a chicken and spinach mixture, seasoned with shallots, garlic, nutmeg, parmesan and a little cream cheese to bind. With a sauce made from fresh grape tomatoes, sauted in butter with garlic, a splash of chicken broth and heavy cream, salt and pepper. Simmered until reduced, and finished with a handful of fresh basil.

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O-oh! They look so good and I'm so hungry.


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Dang, Ann - I was just getting ready to post an update on our move to Maine and saw this thread. That looks so good it's enough to tempt me into trying even knowing what will be the outcome once it hit my tum-tum. You've posted pixs of many great looking meals but this one...absolutely fabulous!


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Oh, my goodness! Those are beautiful!

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Those are a work of art! I have always wanted to make homemade pasta, but have never taken the time. Do you make them totally by hand? They look delicious!

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Thanks Islay. Madonna, they were good. Moe was still talking about last night's dinner this morning.

Tricia, I was hoping you were going to say that you were feeling better and up to eating.

Thanks Angelaid.

Lizbeth, yes. I mix the pasta dough in the food processor. But it is rolled out , cut and shaped by hand. It wasn't difficult. Just a little time consuming.


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Ann T, those are beautiful! I just showed Elery and now he's hungry. And envious of Moe, LOL.


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