Confused about cholesterol readings

xminionAugust 15, 2014

The nurse said not to worry because the overall ratio number (TC:HDL was 3.7 in the ideal range). Yet my Total cholesterol is 265.

I'm vegetarian, run 5K's, occasionally have a glass of wine or beer, and very picky about eating anything processed.

Have a good BMI index. Any armchair physicians? Where is the 265 coming from?

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Naturopath doctor say healthy cholesterol count is 220 - 270.
There is no disease caused by cholesterol. Cholesterol over 270 is a red flag that you have free radical damage in your arteries. The whole cholesterol thing has been a scam from the start when in 1925 Crisco gave the American Heart Association 1.7 million dollars to say that Crisco was healthier than saturated fat,

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Mine is the same as yours and I don't care. I don't believe half of what they tell me about meds, but then Mom's was very high and it may have killed here. She took to her bed at 97 and died a week later.

I have had two doctors and a nurse say that the cholesterol meds will not do you any good in your late 60's or older. If you have blockage meds will not get rid of it and if you don't have blockage it take 30 or 40 years for blockage to build up. I won't take the meds regardless of my age. It destroys your muscles my neighbor is in a wheel chair because of the meds and my sis is on her way. The FDA or whoever is in charge of advising doctors are telling them not to prescribe the meds to anyone unless they are a high risk patient.

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Generally a high cholesterol is related to heredity.
I have always had really good cholesterol readings without medication.
I have always eaten healthy foods and exercise five days a week.
I recently developed atrial fibrillation. One episode produced chest pain, shortness of breath and an abnormal EKG.
I had to have a nuclear stress test and it was abnormal.
So, on Tuesday I had a heart catherization and needed angioplasty due to one artery blockage of 90%.
The doc discovered I had congenitally small coronary arteries. I have a horrible family history of heart disease and feel fortunate to have made it to 74 before I had symptoms.

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If you are a woman your cholesterol will go up when you begin the change.

As a vegetarian, you did not state what kind, your triglyceride's are may be high because they are related to carbs, processed or natural.

Do not go on the various statins. I do not have the muscle problems but the mental fog that is another side effect.

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I don't take them, but you just gave another good reason not to. At 77 I certainly don't need any more mental fog.

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There is one doctor in California (I think that he is at Scripps Research Clinic) who seems to be showing over the past 20 years that in his patients, strict - practically vegetarian diet, stress reduction, and exercise not only control the numbers but reduces the buildup already in the arteries. The stress reduction and exercise just as important as the eating habits.

The science is not firm on just what the numbers mean. There is certainly a correlation between high LDL cholesterol and high triglycerides and heart disease ( also a type of liver disease) and now that they know there are different types of cholesterol starting to get an idea what is good and what isn't. So they currently think that it is the ratio of HDL to LDL that is most important -- But it is not for sure yet (may never be!) just how much is too much or not enough for any one person.

Genetics plays a big role like someone pointed out above. Some people just make cholesterol excessively, even if they aren't eating a lot of saturated fat.

My trigylcerides have always tested low; not just normal, low -- except the one time it was tested the morning after a steak dinner (rare for me) -- that time they were above normal range!

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The lady with a-fib check with a chiropractor to see if you have a nerve in your back that is being molested. Much like hitting your funny bone the elbow does not hurt but your hand goes crazy. Cholesterol build up is caused by free radical damage in the artery and is not genetic.
Most people think they are eating good because they have been told by the people selling food.
There is no disease caused by cholesterol.
This has been a big scam made by the makers of Crisco who paid the American Heart Association 1.7 million dollars in 1925 to endorse Crisco as a being better than saturated fat. Before that time Crisco was a machine lubricant. This has been just exposed in the newspapers.
All these oils we have been using is the cause of free radical damage.

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Doug you are so full

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A meta-analysis of properly performed previous studies on heart health and saturated fats concluded there was no association between cardiac issues and saturated fats. This was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) on January 13th, 2010. (1)

Learn more:

The newspaper USA today in the May addition this year exposed the Proctor and Gamble [Crisco] connection to the American Heart Association
If I am full of it you must be talking about facts

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Thanks for the cites, Doug. I believe big industry (Crisco) lobbies hard for their own interests to the detriment of the good of the general public.

Allegedly, an anti-campaign was waged for years against coconut oil by other oil producers.

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Konrad___far_north Coconut oil is good again and being pushed, it because of Dr. Oz said so?

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