gallbladder symptoms??? help please

kmarcelAugust 20, 2009

I am very nervous about my stomach problems. It's been going on/off for several months. I suffer from occassional to alot of nausea/quezziness, have discomfort - but not pain - on the right side below my rib cage, and my whole upper stomach, area above my waist just feels strange. I guess I would describe it as if I'm bloated, or as if somethings there that shouldn't be. I have had a couple of occassions where I have vomited, but it doesn't seem to be a pattern after certain foods. I also don't seem to have what I would think is typical gallbladder attacks, as far as awful pain. It's more of a discomfort that can occur after eating or even when I haven't eaten. I do seem to have alot of indigestion also.

I'm having a stomach sono and upper barium tomorrow, but I am really nervous. Anyone else have gallbladder problems, but not severe attacks?

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My sister suffered with Gall bladder problems for 2 years. They did multi tests on her and could find nothing wrong. It seems the entrance to the gall bladder was very small and they could find no gall stones.

It started out like yours. She'd be fine or sometimes almost fine--just a little discomfort. Then bam she started having more and more symptoms that became more and more severe, between periods of almost no symptoms. All the while they kept doing more tests. She was tested for every thing including lactoise intolerance and allergies.

Finally she got very sick--was nonstop vomiting and wretching. We took her to the hospital and they found out her gall bladder was infected and she had small stones in her liver. They picked the stones out of her liver and put her on strong antibiotics and sent her home for 2 weeks to get the infection under control. Then she went back for surgery. It was day surgery. They removed the gall bladder through 3 timy incisions. She was a little sore but up and mobile. Of course she had to take it easy for a couple of weeks, but in no way was she an invalid.

Don't be nervous. If it's gall bladder, the operation is not bad at all. My sister says it was a breeze compared to the attacks.

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I to ave had gallbladder problems. Couldn't keep food down , would swel like I was 9 months,was told I have IBS. Finally I found a dr that removed it laporscopic and found I had a high hernia.Fixed that and removed my gallbladder. Said it was the worse he had ever seen ad asked me if I drank Dr Pepper. I said use to.Said it was bad to drink those. I onl drink watr and unsweet tea once in awhile a sprite. Well thatsurgery was 2 yrs ago. I felt really great until a few months ago when I would bloat up again like before, certain foods would make me throw up and it wasn't the same foods that would do it. Sa I would eat Pizza get sick , eat it again wouldn't bother me. One thingI noticed was this pain under my right rib like a baby kicking my rib. Best way to discribe it.Went to dr , he did a scope and a scan. Said nothin is wrong. Well the pain is getting worse constant movement. I can't get confortable at night. I eat small amounts of food, sill bloat, constapated. Just down right misserable.Dr put me on Amitiza 25mg and I feel worse than before. Can't keep food down and can't stay off he pot. So I stopped taking it. Looking fr a different dr that can help me.Does anyone else have this feeling? I had a hyserecomy so I know i'm not pregnant

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Had a friend that was "uncomfortable" sometimes after meals, rode a bike all over & was very active lady. I told her to get to dr. She made appt. But didn't make it to the dr. She died of pancreatic cancer & didn't even know she had it. GF thought it might be her heart. Has AF but heart dr. didn't think so. She went to Urgent Care & they didn't think it was heart either but she is going in for gall bladder sonogram this week. Your Dr. needs to look further! Soon!

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Meant to tell you might help to raise your upper mattress, if have legs that move on frame you can lower foot of bed so you are on a slant in case your hiatal hernia repair didn't hold. Or buy 1 of those slant foam rubber things that raise your upper body up. If that makes a difference then it is the hernia. We did that for my hubby & he didn't have any more trouble. Cheaper than all kinds of tests.

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