True Hardwoods and Mullican Hardwoods - a couple questions -

kacersAugust 18, 2010

I would like some opinions on a couple topics -

#1 - True Hardwoods - has anyone used them? What was your experience? Reputable?

#2 - Mullican Hardwood Flooring - I'm considering buying a large amount of their solid 3/4 inch maple. Thoughts? Experiences?

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been to the Mullican mill . they make a decent product for the price point .

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I know this is rather late, but ....
We had Mullican 3/4" brazilian cherry - solid with aluminum oxide finish - installed in our new home. We had the same wood (from the same company) installed 10 years ago in our old home. The old floor is perfect. The new one is uneven. The boards vary in height and width to the point several people have tripped due to their foot catching on the uneven surface. It has been some time now, and there still is no solution offered. My most recent response was "the manager is on vacation".

Just to emphasize, it is gorgeous, and the old floor is perfect. Hope they will fix the new one!

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Has the floor been inspected ?

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We just bought 1200 sq ft of Somerset solid character maple from True Hardwoods. Our experience with True Hardwoods was excellent - they had a great price, were super nice and easy to get a hold of and we had a timely delivery. I would recommend them.

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I bought BR-111 5" wide Brazilian Cherry from True Hardwoods which had a great price, excellent customer service, timely delivery and my neighbor had the same positive experience. I would recommend them and so would my neighbor.

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phili - It has been 3 months since I have started trying to get my floor fixed. The manufacturer is finally going to actually come out some time in the next month. Initially they asked the installer's opinion, then asked the store owners to take photos. All this took about 4 weeks.

It sounds like they want to make this right, but it still has not come through.

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