Transitions or mixed cork and hardwood

lascatxAugust 23, 2011

I am looking for ideas and photos of areas using wood and cork together or transitioning between them.

We have been planning on replacing tile and carpet in our entry, living and dining rooms and the adjoining hall with hardwoods. Then we decided to add the master bedroom -- leaving the kitchen, breakfast room and family room. We did those three rooms with new tile when we bought the house 9 years ago. When we had our kitchen redone, the contractors did a poor job of patching tile and left a couple cracked. They pretty much exhausted my tile supply and my patience.

That got us started thinking about replacing the tile at some point. DH wants to carry the wood throughout the first floor while I am still liking the idea of cork in at least the kitchen if not the three areas now in tile. Those three are like one long room and there is no way to cleanly separate the areas. One wall of my kitchen is about 3 feet longer than the other and there is a doorway on an angle on the short wall. Because of furniture arrangements, it doesn't work very well to force a line between the breakfast room and family room.

The only thing I have come up with is insetting cork in a wood frame in the kitchen. Not sure if that eases the transition or just creates a doughnut around the island. LOL

Any ideas?

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A bit different but we have cork planks in the kitchen that meet tile floors at a doorway and at the end of a counter. I had T moldings milled from maple and finished them to match our kitchen cabs (white wash) and glued them down to the concrete slab. They have held up quite well.

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I was thinking more of how to tie the two together visually, blend them, do a pattern to integrate them both - of course, everything I'm thinking of means more waste and more labor -- more $$$. DH seemed to consider the idea of all three rooms in cork and the rest in wood tonight. Now, I thought cork was supposed to be more reasonably priced and the one we both like so much is $12 sq ft before installation.

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