Night vision problems

jennAugust 20, 2006

About a year ago I began to notice vision problems while driving at night, even while wearing my bifocals which function perfectly well during the day. I can read signs and see things clearly, but there seems to be a problem or two that's hard to describe. I'm 51, in very good health, take no medications, and have never had any previous driving or vision problems (other than becoming more far-sighted as I get older, which is normal).

For one thing, objects either seem closer to me than they really are, or I have a difficult time judging the distance. (I do not have this problem during the day.) For example, last night while driving on the freeway it seemed like a car in the lane next to me was just a few inches away from my car while it was beside me, but when I looked over at it, it seemed to be at a safe distance. While driving between a car in the next lane and another car on the shoulder, I had a very hard time driving between them without feeling like they were too close (or I was too close to them).

Also, while I can read signs and nothing seems blurry, I feel like I'm in a visual fog of some sort. Maybe it's all the little lights in the dark that are confusing my eyes, but it feels like there is just too much going on with all the lights in the dark.

At my last eye check-up (just a few months ago) I mentioned this and the doctor didn't say anything about it and my eyes checked out fine with no changes since the previous year.

I don't think it is mental because I never had this problem before. It's worse in the rain, of course. I have a long commute home from work and I'm beginning to think I'll need to adjust my hours so that I never need to drive home in the dark and especially in the rain.

As I said before it's hard to describe this but I hope what I have described sounds familiar to someone who can tell me I'm perfectly normal or can explain what the problem might be.



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I can relate to what your saying about the night driving. I too find that night driving really bothers my eyes,(all the headlights and overhead lights) especially in heavy trafic and like you say, when it's raining at night. The daytime doesn't bother me. I haven't noticed any problem with judging the distance though, it's like I just need to wear sun glasses to prevent all the glares!

I don't wear glasses, only for reading and my eyes don't seem to change much from year to year.

Hope someone else has some answers for you.


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jen, have you had a good check-up recently? Sometimes blood pressure problems can mess up the vision some. The additional pressure seems to mess up the focal point of the eyes.

Another thing could be cataracts. However, if that was the problem, I am sure that the doctor would have told you. There's something wrong, that's for sure. I think I would see another opthamologist for a second opinion.

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I gave up night driving 4 years ago. I am 59. The problem had been coming on for a long time. I just can't see. My opthamologist had nothing to say about it except that it happens to most people as they age and some of us earlier than others. Of course, he may be a quack. I don't know. My father-in-law just gave up night driving at the age of 82. I am diabetic. That may have something to do with it. Have you had your blood sugar tested recently?

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I went to my optometrist (where I get my eyes checked annually and buy subscription glasses) and he did some tests. He referred me to an opthamologist (M.D. who specializes in vision/eye problems) with whom I made an appointment for late September (earliest available opening). Between now and then, I'll have plenty of opportunities to try night driving and see where I have a problem and where I don't.

My blood pressure is low (always has been) and the doctor did check for cataracts. I haven't had my blood sugar tested recently but I don't have symptoms of blood sugar problems (unless I eat nothing for several hours and get really hungry).

We took a drive around the neighborhood and downtown last weekend and I didn't have any problems because traffic was light and the street lights were bright. The problem seems to be noticeable in heavy traffic (i.e. lots of little lights) or on a very dark street.

I have mentioned this to a few others my age and they say they've noticed a change, but it doesn't seem to bother them.

Thank you for your comments...


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I don't know if this will help, but I have anti-reflective coating on my glasses. I prefer the blue tint, but one time they accidentally used the yellow tint, and said that the yellow seems to help people with night driving. So you might check into that.

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Try to increase your raw carrot and raw green veg intake. It may or may not improve your sight, but may prevent further deterioration. Raw salad can be stirred into cooked spaghettit, and you don't know you are eating it..raw frozen peas are great..else add 1/2 carrot, 1/2 celery stick and some fresh fruit eg an orange (skin off) blended together with a little water (i add a little milk powder and yoghurt plus barley green).. i throw in mint and anything available. Tastes great, and sooo good for your eyes! Makes a very healthy and filling brekky drink!!!

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Or would it be safe to take a low dose of Vitamin A???
Some folk don't like carrots, etc.

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I have had night vision problems since I was in my mid 20s, and yup rain makes it 10 times worse. I am not even comfortable beeing in a car at night even when someone else is driving. I just cant see. I have been to several different eye Drs. over the years and none of them have found anything wrong. I have trained myself to use only very familiar routs even if they are out of the way if I HAVE to drive at night but it still terrorizes me. I am lucky to be working from home. Do you have the kind of job that you could work several hours at home in the evening?

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Use the yellow lenses, they can be clipped on over your regular glasses if you eyes check out after an eye doctor.

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I am in the same boat as Jen. 51, female. Depth perception at night is a horror. Day vison is prefect. I eat all the right foods to help healthy eyes. I can't tell if the car in front of me is 3 ft or 10 ft. I won't drive at night any longer until I can fix this. Perfect health otherwise. I will try yellow lens. I don't need glasses. Jordan

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Jenn,have you been checked for a retinal tear? I have had those and they healed themselves but the doctor said I need to have lots of light to see driving or when I read. Needless to say I try only to drive at night when there is lots of street lights but I won't drive in the country. Are you seeing more black floaters or have a film that seems to float over your eyes(I only notice this when it is colder). It very important to make sure you don't have any tears so hope you get this checked if you haven't already.

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Eat tons of carrots. They are the best for poor eyesight.

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