Anyone know about Brucelliosis?(Undulant Fever)

Melinda HagenAugust 14, 2010

I have been diagnosed with this about 2 weeks ago. So far, I am worse instead of better with the meds! Does anyone know of this, know anyone with it, or any thing at all to help me understand.

I am now on medical leave and taking the 6 week therapy, but so far just worse instead of better. Dr. said this may happen and maybe turn chronic. I hope I don't feel like this forever!

Thanks, Melinda

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Where did you get it? It's quite rare in the US...
It should respond to a 6 week treatment of antibiotic...and may reoccur and have to be treated again.
Are you sure of the diagnosis? Did they do a blood culture?
Perhaps you have something else too?

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Melinda Hagen

Yes, it is very rare in the US! I have been to an infection control specialist who did what he called a "living autopsy" and was the one who diagnosed it. He redid the labs to double check and it is definitely brucellosis.
Yes, I am doing the oral 6 week treatment and am on the 2nd week. I just feel worse instead of better. It makes me wonder if I will ever feel good again!
Apparently, I got it about 3 years ago. I remember when I got very sick and no one could figure it out. It finally got better, but the last 3 years have had numerous flus, etc. which gradually got better on their own. Meds didn't seem to help much! Dr. stated probably occurences and then better and would reoccur often. More freq. as I had it longer and with more symptoms.
As I have had it and apparently each reoccurence has been worse than the one before and this time, been sick most of the last 6 months until they finally sent me to the infection control specialist.
I was just hoping someone else might know someone who has had it, how likely I won't get a reoccurence after this and if the 6 week rx. might work well. Dr. said I may need Iv therapy if this doesn't kick it. (due to the fact I have kept it so long).
I did get it from drinking fresh cow's milk, which I had done most of my life!!
But the good news is, I don't have any lymphoma or leuckemia like the other drs. thought I might. So thankful for that, but feeling pretty rotten. Keeping a fever sometimes all day and night still, swelling and painful ankles, knees, hands, etc. Definitely have excessive sweating, headaches, and severe fatigue. Am off work now due to dr. wanting me to just rest-not really able to work anyway.
Just hoping for anyone who might have a good ending-which I am sure is coming-but ready for it now! LOl!

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Doesn't that come from cow's? Can it be transmitted through poorly pasteurized dairy products?
Are you around cows?

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Melinda Hagen

Hi Catherinet! Yes, it came to me through drinking fresh cow's milk. Something I had done most of my life! I am not around cows, but got it in the milk I got weekly.
It can also be transmitted from cleaning fresh meat without gloves, etc.
Like people in slaughter houses, veterinarians, etc.

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