Medicine causing high blood pressure?

marie26August 29, 2006

I am taking arthrotec about 4-5 times a week even though I am allowed to take it much more often than that. Arthrotec's literature says it can cause high blood pressure.

The doctor put me on high blood pressure pills because it had been staying high.

Could the small amount of arthrotec that I'm taking cause the high blood pressure? If yes, what does one do when one medication really helps one problem but causes you to need another medication for high blood pressure?

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You need to ask YOUR DOCTOR ... he has access to your medical records. We don't.

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Has he tried any other medication for your problem? If you only take it 4 or 5 times a week, it's possible that you would do just as well will something else everyday.

I agree Ask your doctor!! He may have special reasons for prescribing Arthrotec.

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There are natural remedies to lower blood pressure that have been studied, tested and surpass the dangerous drugs that doctors prescribe. There is a tea that dropped my moms systolic 60 points in 2 hours and 15 points on the diastolic. Now tell me do you know of any prescription drug that will do that? If you have interest in knowing the details I will be happy to share them with you.

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I continue to take arthrotec once a day because it definitely works for my disk problems. If I don't take the arthrotec, I will be not be able to move. But, besides my thinking that the arthrotec raises my blood pressure, I'm sure that it has also made me gain weight.

What other drugs are recommended for disk problems? I used to take Vioxx until it was taken off the market. I have pain on several levels and the neurosurgeon does not recommend surgery (and I agree).

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