Menstruation question...advice appreciated

ar_dramaqueenAugust 27, 2008

My younger cousin went to the Gynocologist a couple days ago and had many tests run on her due to her menstruation cycle: For the past year or so she has been having irregular periods (one month she would have 2, then skip 2 months, then have 1 period a month that lasted for 2 weeks, then 2 periods the next month, but this month she has had 4 periods that have last up to 6 days per period).

The doctor said that she had some kind of infection and to take some antibiotics until the test results come back (2 weeks!) Now, she says that her lower stomach, where you generally cramp, has stings of pain going through it on the right side and that her antibiotics are making her feel bad.

Anyway, she just mentioned to me that she had a period 3 months ago that seemed to be white. She described it in this way, "Have you ever had a period that was kinda heavy and had little clots or pieces of your uterus come out with the blood? well it was like that but all white, even the chunks were white."

I looked it up online and all that i found was that this was probably a discharge due to her infection.

We were just wondering, has anyone gone through anything similar??

Is the "white period" as she described it only a discharge from her infection?

and last but certainly not least she would really like to know if anyone knows a possible reason for her to be experiencing this, the 2 week wait is long, she wants to know what it could be. The doctor didn't tell her.

Thank you for any replies,


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2 weeks is not unreasonable for certain tests, especially for an infection. The sample has to be cultured and allowed ample time to develop to be tested.

It does sound like discharge, I would just wait to see what the doctor says. A second opinion is never a bad idea either, especially with something like this.

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she could have a bad yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. either can be caused by sexual intercourse but would not cause irregular periods. The bleeding is a different problem all together related to hormones and can be solved most of the time with birth control pills. That will regulate her hormones. Unless she has endometriosis. What medication did she get put on? They usually use Flagy for BV and diflucan for a yeast infection.

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How old is your cousin? Irreular periods are not uncommon with peri-menopause, but without knowing her age to rule that out... Gotta be honest, if I had a "white" period, I'd have been at the doctor in a New York minute, not three months later. I'd call the doctor about the new pain, just to double check the meds could upset her stomach if she's taking on an empty stomach, but the other pain should possible be checked out.


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