My 'Heavenly' Gift

lulie___wayneDecember 19, 2004

I found this post that I had originally written and just pasted it here for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

I know that not all here are Christians, but I am writing this for those that do believe.

I think I have shared this before, but I know there are a lot of new people and I may keep sharing it every now and then. To me, it is very comforting.

I won't go into detail again, but one night I dreamed about Chris. It was one of those dreams that was so real, it's hard to call it a dream. During the "dream", I was with Christin. When she hugged me, I experienced a happiness like I never have known on this earth. It started at the tip of my toes and slowly radiated all the way up my body. Now, I know that sounds weird. It was extremely intense. I feel that she was transferring her happiness to me to let me know how happy she is in heaven.

I know that if I can experience that kind of happiness in a dream state, then it must exist. It has to.

Anyway, I just thought that you all may like to hear that.

I wish so much that I could explain that feeling better to you. It was so wonderful.

It was the morning that my first grandson was born. I knew that Danielle was supposed to go to the doctor that morning. She was pregnant. I told her to call me if she goes to the hospital. Well, I was dreaming and the happiness was soooo intense that it woke me. I realized that I had turned the phone off, so I ran into the kitchen to check to see if she had called. The second I got to the phone, it rang. It was her telling me that she was going to the hospital to deliver. I take the dream as: she woke me up so that I wouldn't miss the excitement, she hugged me to congratulate me to let me know that she was happy for us, she wanted me to know how happy she is.

I have a hard time believing that it was coincidence that this "dream" that had such a profound affect on me just happened to happen on a day which was so significant to us.

Thank you, Chris.


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What a lovely experience, Lu! Thank you for sharing it. I sometimes wonder if Aaron knew how much I loved him...and I know it is normal to wonder. I remembered something yesterday:

When Aaron first was getting started in the construction business...working for others in the beginning..he was saving money the best he could. He brought his work jeans for me to mend. I placed patches of denim on the insides and stitched many times over to reinforce them. One time he brought a pair that had been patched a number of times and I did it once more. I told him it might have been easier to make a new pair! I still remember his grin. He was always appreciative. This is a little thing but it was an important memory.

The evening he died I was getting ready to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving. I had said, "One pie has to be apple for Aaron." He knew I made that kind of pie especially for him. He knew he was loved.

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