water retention

wildrose36August 4, 2010

I have fibromalgia and I retain alot of fluid I cut out sugar completely and notice a big change,also I can not tolerate cheese I eat once a day good meal with chicken or turkey or Bison, vegetables, like fresh frozen asparagus,peas,green beans. fruits are apples, oranges,tangerines,grapefruit,red grapes. nuts almonds,walnuts. salads are fresh spinach,salmon,red canned or freshly cooked,don't eat pink canned salmon,only red,fish is good as long as it is ocean or raised locally. avoid canned tuna because of mercury.

I drink a ton of organic fat free milk, i have no bone loss, or osteprosis how ever I can not tolerate any other organic or non organic dairy products they cause bloat and fluid retention. if I eat more than once a day I get sick.

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