two different woods in two different rooms

dfreddyAugust 27, 2012

Going crazy deciding on a floor.

We are remodeling our kitchen and Dining room. My kitchen and Dr are all one big room. which opens up to our living room and in there we have brazilian Birch 5 inch wood planks.

First my husband wanted all tile in the room. I did not i think it is to cold and hard. Then i wanted to do wood in dr and tile in kitchen, but there is no point in the room that would make that look right.

So then we were looking at Armstrong Vinyl Luxury Tile that looks like ceramic. It looks really good and is soft on your feet and warm.

Then someone suggested putting a different shade of wood floor in the Kitchen and DR. The floor we have in the living room is to close to the cabinets we picked out for the kitchen.

Has anyone seen two different woods in two rooms close to each other.

Would appreciate the help.

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In the past year or two, we have experienced more people putting in Cork floorings in the kitchen while keep other floor coverings in other rooms. You may consider the same. It is comfortable and durable. Here are some pics to share.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ipocork Lisbon Onyx in a Kitchen with golden oak flooring on rest of the mainfloor

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We were thinking about Cork Flooring. But i seen old cork flooring in showrooms and it did not hold up well.
Thank you.

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Put on the same wood you used elsewhere or choose all tile with a warming system underneath it. Two different woods never looks cohesive.

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I am not sure about putting the same wood thru out the whole room. If i could find a point in my Kitchen and DR where i can split wood in the Dining Room and tile in the kitchen i would be really happy. My husban said it could not be done since there is no break point between the two. It is one big open space.

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