ivamaeAugust 2, 2005

My son is on this and I'm wondering if it can be taken long term or is it just a short term med



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I think he will have to take it as long as he has a problem.
It's no cure all, as he also needs to watch his diet and exercise. Once he gets his cholesterol under control and is eating as he should, his doctor may take him off the medication. It's up to your son to do what he needs to do.

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It can be taken long-term. Try adjusting dosage if necessary.

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I've been on Lipitor since January. I was on 20 mg a day, but after a few months the pains in my legs and arms had me back to the doctor, so she put me on 10 mg. So far, no leg pains and I am able to walk and exercise. Just watch for the muscular pains after a few weeks, he might have to go to a lower dosage.


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We had a dr. tell us that diet/exercise can only lower cholesterol about 10%, so in most cases if your chol. is high, you will need medication and likely need it your entire life.

My SIL decided her numbers were nice and low, stopped the meds, and oila, back to 300 even though they eat very low fat and exericise a lot.

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If you take any cholesterol lowering medications make sure you have your blood tested regularly...


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