I've researched my pain but found nada...

hannahAugust 1, 2005

I've had the most uncomfortable pain in my back for the last 3 days...so bad, that I'm having trouble sleeping.

It's centralized at the left side of my back, just below the shoulder blade & on my left side.

It feels like it's on the inside of my ribs and every once-in-a-while, I think I can feel it towards the front.

I don't believe it's muscle-related...it feels more like it's internal...a burning pain.

I realize this is a vague description, but does it sound like anything you folks might recognize?

Thanks in advance...........

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I hope that you are planning to see your physician about this. It could be just a muscle problem or it could be something serious. No one here nor anything on the Internet can help you decide for sure what it is. See your doctor. He/she needs to know about it.

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Have you thought about it being gallbladder problems? I had pain like that when mine flared up

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This could be a million things, and it is almost pointless to guess at a diagnosis without gathering more information and some testing. That being said, I am going to say some possibilites. Given that is is on the left side AND it is burning, I think it might be heartburn aka acid reflux. This diagnosis would be strengthed if you felt the pain a little while after eating a big spicy meal. You did say you had it for 3 days. what you did not say is if it was a constant pain or if it got worse during certain times over the course of the 3 days. A constant pain would figure to be something else, but if it fluctuated in harmony with food intake then heartburn could very well be your problem.

Other possibiliteis..The gulbladder is located deep the liver and that would be on the right side of the abdomen. Even so, there is such a thing called referred pain which means that the pain is felt in an area that is completely differnt from the site where it is orinating. This is why pain can be felt in the arm during a heart attack and it happens with internal organs.

Like someone has said, go see your physician right now so that you can get this treated. best of luck!

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