I still can't believe my Mother's gone

darzieDecember 8, 2008

Putting up the Christmas tree tonight with the family, thinking this is nuts!My Mother's gone she's never coming back I'm so sick to my stomach I have cried everyday since her death and I'm decorating!!!! Life goes on doesn't it,it's so crazy. People tell me you have to be strong for your kids and Iam. Your Husband needs you and I'm there. But really all I can think about is what a great loss, Why me or really why her. Cancer is so ugly!!!! I will really never be the same person, a part of me went with her.God Bless everyone.

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Darzie, I'm sorry you didn't get a reply sooner. Believe me, you have my sympathy, as I miss my mother also. She has been gone 5 years.

How long ago did you lose your Mom? It is a great loss. Our Moms have been with us always, through thick and thin, and then they're gone. It creates a great sadness.

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone, maybe a sister or close friend about how much you miss your mother. Have you done anything to remember her, like start an album of pictures you love, plant a rose bush in her memory? Also if she liked any charities, you can made a donation to them. Do things in her memory, it is very comforting.

Your mother knew you loved her, but I doubt she would want you to suffer so. Keep her memories close in your heart, and go ahead with life. She's gone, but one thing that is never gone is your love for her.

Take care,


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Thanks Susan, I talk to anyone who will listen. I planted a rose bush for her, Put picture ornaments on the tree of her and write to her in a journal every night. She will be gone 9 months on the 21st it really stunks! 60 is way to young to pass. Darlene

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Oh yes, 60 is too young. I think that's part of why you feel so bad. You probably expected to have her so much longer. Keep doing little things in her memory. She would like that.

This week I used my mother's 32-cup coffee urn to make coffee for a group. You might think it silly, but I just thought, "Mom would be so pleased I'm using her pot!" It made me feel a continuing connection with her.

Do you remember the name of the rose you planted?


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