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ctjayhawkerJanuary 30, 2012

I will soon be moving into a townhouse apartment w/o central air. The downstairs is mostly one large room, so I stick a unit in a window at one end or the other, and I'm good. Upstairs is a different story. The two bedroom doors are on opposite "ends" of the landing (a distance of maybe 7-8 feet), and do not face each other. This is to say that they are perpendicular to each other, so there will not be a direct flow of air from one to the other. To further complicate matters, the stairs to the first floor lie between them. One of the rooms will be occupied only half the time, but when it IS occupied, it will need cooling/dehumidification. I don't want to purchase an entire additional unit if I can avoid it, as money is pretty tight. Does this sound like a setup where a fan placed in the door of Room #1 would be sufficient to circulate the cooled air over to Room #2?


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Whenever dealing with window units expect to pay high utilities you might want to take this into consideration. How are going to heat the place?

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Blowing cool air out of one room will pretty much ensure that it ends up down stairs. You could get a two-hose portable AC, but you take a big hit in efficiency that will quickly eat up any money saved by not buying another window unit.

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