buckled parquet floors

cwc000August 8, 2008

Six months ago my dining room parquet floors were flooded.

The floors buckled and I was told to wait and see if the

parquet would lay down. My parquet supplier came by

yesterday and with a handheld meter tested the floor and

told me the floor had not dried out. He advised me to

put fans directed where the buckle appeared. My son questioned the probability of moisture staying under the

parquet six months. Could the parquet still not be dried

out after 6 months? I have a slab foundation. And since

I am buying fans what fans would you suggest?

Thanks for your reply.

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My concern would be mold forming under the floor~this could become a real health issue. Even if the floor has dried out completely, what's to say the mold hasn't already formed? The sealer that was put on by the manufacturer may have also been weakened. I see two potential problems here. Good luck.

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Whether or not a floor installed on a concrete slab suffers a 'water event'...there still is the issue of rising moisture in a concrete slab in contact with the earth. Was the slab tested for the presence of moisture vapor, and...if so...what were the readings?

Concrete is a porous and will soak up moisture from above and/or below. You may have a problem that may or not be related to that water event.

Good luck.

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