Merry Christmas

DarrylsMomDecember 24, 2006

Just a note to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. It is a very sad time for all of us , missing our loved ones. This year I have another loved one to miss my Dad went to heaven to be with my Mom on October 22 and I'm sure they are up there looking down with My Darryl by they're side. Let's all be good to ourselves. Again take care and Merry Christmas.

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I second the sentiment! Last night was really first Christmas Eve without my mom. But I know she is happy and waiting for me to join her. And she is with her mom and dad, her brothers and sister.

Christmas for me will never, ever be the same. But we persevere and try to remember the kids...this is their time to cherish the memories.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy!


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Thinking of all of us at the holidays, knowing from experience how hard it is to miss those we love so deeply. I try to be truly mindful of my blessings, but it is so hard not to have all that tinged with grief over what has happened. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

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