CorEvolution for 'Back' with added benefits

deniselAugust 19, 2007

I am just wondering if anyone has seen or tried this machine. I saw an infomercial recently and it looks like it would really help if you have back problems. It also works the abs, glutes and rear. It does seem a litle pricey though.

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If you have back problems you need to be properly evaluated and diagnosed by a spinal doc. Then you will receive the proper treatment for you spinal problems.

Learning proper exercises for your back is very important and needs to be shown by a trained physical therapist.

Infomercial ads are just that, ads to suck you in to spending money on their product and nothing more. How good are they, how safe are they? Will it really help your back or make things worse? Questions that need to be answered before you spend money on something that could very well be a waste of money at the least and cause harm at the worst.

When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. keep that in mind. and think about this as well. Why, if this machine is so wonderful, can you only purchase it from some tv website infomercial and not in a local store?

Get a back problem properly evaluated and treated, don't play around with it.

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