Ivory Travertine Laminate Floor Planks

raineygirlAugust 22, 2012

Just wanted to update all of you. I finally had the Ivory Travertine laminate put down in 3 bathrooms and really, really like it!! At first, I didn't think I liked it because it just looked darker than I had imagined it to be. After all bathrooms were done, I was very pleased.

Even though all 3 of my bathrooms have different color schemes, the ivory travertine seems to just work with many colors. I was amazed at that because I was thinking I would have to paint and change some things in at least 1 of the bathrooms. But, I don't have to:)

About the only disappointment was it was cheaper a few weeks before I purchased it. I could have saved $120. Oh well. I'm still happy!

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I'm glad you are enjoying it, but laminate in a bathroom? Laminate is not suited to wet locations. I hope that you are the only adult occupant and you are extremely vigilant about shower leaks and not leaving wet towels or rugs down on it.

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Oops, I meant to say Ivory Travertine Vinyl Floor Planks;) Sorry about that.

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Which brand/type did you go with Allure? Allure Ultra?

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Barb-I believe it's the traffic master Allure, it doesn't have the click planks but the glue kind.

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Ok, that's the same kind I used. I am loving it.

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