My Christmas Wish to Santa for the Newly Widowed

killinsnakesDecember 15, 2005

Hi. I just posted this on the kitchen table forum in hopes that our friends might understand us a little more. Then decided to go ahead and post it here. Peaceful Holidays to you all.

" I don't post much, but thought this was nice and conveyed a lot of correct feelings. I would have put it on the grief forum, but thought maybe some of you that are friends with those of us that unfortunately joined this club this past year might benefit from the "Santa list of gifts". This is copied from the forums by a man named Steve. Hoping for peaceful holidays to everyone.

Dear Santa:

I hope you would take a moment and listen to this list of Christmas wishes. It is for people who need it more than anything so please take care of them, it is for the newly widowed.

I wish they would have at least one day of peace - no anger, no overwhelming sadness, no sense that it's all impossible - just one day of peace.

I wish they would have someone who knows them, loves them and is so very concerned about them, just to be there when they need someone around.

I wish that they would have at least one person they could call at 3am who would truly listen and better yet understand.

I wish they would have at least one day with a full eight hours or more of restful sleep.

I wish that someone would surprise them by bringing dinner one night, and I would wish that the dinner would taste wonderful - not like cardboard like so many nights before.

I wish they would have friends who will understand why the Christmas cards did not get mailed this year.

I wish they would have the strength and courage to cry whenever and wherever they need to, you know Santa its so much better to let the tears out than hold them in.

I wish that they would have good health, and be blessed with doctors who understand that grief is a cloak that affects the entire body and soul.

I wish they would be free from DGI's for at least one full day.

I wish they would have at least one full day free from confusion and widderbrain.

And above all, Santa, please give them what we all need here at WN - hope. Just a little hope to help us get through these holidays and the days ahead...

Thanks, Santa. "

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Thanks for sharing this. I don't wish grief on anyone, but it is such a shame that there are many out there who really don't have a clue what grief is.
I actually have a friend who told me that she has never loved anyone enough who has died, to have ever had deep grief.
I guess it's like anything else. If we haven't experienced it, we really don't know.

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THANKS! for posting this! I think it would be appropriate for anyone in any kind of loss. I lost my newborn son in May 1986 and just this June I lost my 18 year old daughter Erica and her boyfriend, Danny in a car accident. I have no other children. Needless to say, no decorations, no celebrating, no cards sent out this year. I needed to read this. Bless you and all who have had losses. You're not alone. Hugs.
Emma in PA

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