I just want my Brother home for xmas

littlelizzyDecember 8, 2009

two months ago my older brother died, he was 42. His death was due to smoke inhalation. His was 99% brain dead also due to hypoxic brain damage. (stopped breathing for too long in the fire and his brain was starved of oxygen). He was sick for nearly three weeks and I got to see him alot.. but although I was told he would die.. I didnt believe it, I still expect him to walk into our house and call me to make the coffee. Im the youngest in my early twentys and my brother was my best friend as well as my hero, we got on so so well and I love him to pieces. I cant see away out of this at all. I want to be with my brother so badly I hate getting up and facing each day, only for I have my mum I would have done away with myself.. selfish I know and a waste etc etc but I miss him so much, life without him seems scary. people bully me now. I dont have my best friend and my brother to protect me :( im not even sure which to miss first... iv lost my num1 person. I hate the thoughts of xmas all i want is my brother back.

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Little Lizzy, I am so sorry for your loss. I understand exactly what you are going through and wish I could give you a hug to help you through this but since I am not there where you are to do this I will say I am here whenever you need me. I lost my oldest brother in Sept 2005. Him and I were very close and I missed him so much, I cried every day. Now I am grieving the loss of my baby girl who died on Nov 15th, 2009. She was 21. It is a hard process and ever day I find myself dreading the next but I have to move on because in no way would she want me to feel like I am. She was vibrant and strong and SHE is the one who pulls me together each and every day that goes by. If you ever need me I am here for you and we can help each other. Again I am sorry for what you are going through but like I have been told by many, time will eventually heal this dreadful pain in which we endure. This site has also helped me. Huggs to you!

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