Obesity the cause and cure.

d0ugAugust 31, 2013

Obesity the orthodox doctor will tell you it is your fault: you have a stomach and we have to cut it out [wrong] well your stomach is to big so we need to put a band on it [wrong] well it is your genetic profile [wrong] well you are lazy [wrong] they want to blame you because they don�t know what to do.
Obesity is a mineral deficiency even though the doctors say pica is rare it is very common. Pica an erg munches cravings to eat usually something different but it could be just an erg munches cravings to eat.
When animals get pica they are given a salt block [mineral block] and they go back to eating normal. You can see this in pregnant woman when she has a craving for crazy foods because the child is draining the minerals from her body.
There are certain minerals that when deficient cause pica like calcium, iron, phosphorus, vanadium, iodine and zinc. The best to use a multi mineral supplement that has all these minerals and you will find that your appetite will diminish and you will stat to lose weight.
When munches, cravings and appetite diminish it is easy to diet.

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The cause is lack of exercise and stuffing yourself. The cure is to eat half as much and get off the couch.

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Exercise burns through your mineral deposits because sweet is made up of minerals not just water if you burn up your minerals you get even more hungry. The Journal of American Medicine Association says exercise dose not help to lose weight. Eating half of your caloric intake is a good idea if you can do it. Mose people can not because the munches and cravings.

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Insulin is the fat storage hormone...... which is the cause

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insulin is a peptide hormone which helps the cells to eat sugar it also needs co factors to do its job.
It is not the cause of obesity but obesity can cause problems with insulin usage.

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The people I now who are obese eat to much. One said it's thyroid problem but you should see what is in her cabinets and on her counter tops. Another had 2 or 3 kinds of pastries laying on her counter tops and her refrigerator is full of ice cream. I have been out to eat with these people and they don't eat anymore than I do. One of them is honest enough to admit it is the snacks that cause it. I know it is snacks that cause me to gain weight. If I eat a high calorie lunch, I cut back the rest of the day. I find that when I go out and order a cheeseburger, fries and coke, I do it out of habit. I do just as well with the burger and water. It took some getting use to skip the coke, but don't miss it anymore.

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Yes I was one of those people who could not quit eating and found lots of excuses to eat and if I tried to cut down my stomach would feel terrible until I would eat.
Once I started taking all the essential minerals the hunger went away and the craving for sweets and other foods disappeared. I am 70bls lighter and I can go to the supermarket and walk out with only what I went in for.

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Overeating is a habit just like smoking, over-exercising, etc. You have to break the habit -- it is a choice.

Obesity is caused by taking in more calories than your body can use up. It is pretty simple, actually but trying to break the habit is very difficult. You have to be completely committed.

The best diet is just eating less and cut out the snacks.

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Totally agree,..that would cure allot.

Have you ever seen obese how much they eat, especially in fast food places, getting them out of there and eat more fruit and vegetable would be a first step.

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There is a book that explains how we became obese and how to cure it.
Hell's Kitchen [Cause, prevention & cure of Obesity, diabetes & metabolic syndrome. By Dr Joel Wallach
The doctor who wrote this book did a
12 year study
25 million dollars
26,000 autopsies
10 million blood chemistries
the study ended in a book which is in the Smithsonian as a national treasure
There is no other doctor in the world with his qualification.
He has proven the cause of obesity and knows how to fix it

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I have a hard time to believe that people are mineral deficient when they go to Mac Donald and load up,..or go to movie theater and eat barrels of popcorn laden with butter. Most is lazy lifestyle and don't want to cook or eat a healthy meal, ..and don't want to walk from point a to b.

Oh..got it, they are mineral deficient because they don't eat fruit and vegetable.

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If the mineral is not in the soil it is not in the fruit and vegetable. Only God can make minerals plants can not.
for example selenium is deficient in half of the US soils and in 1948 the blood levels of chromium was 28 mcg/liter and now it is 0.13 and this is the mineral that is needed for the cells to process insulin. It is obvious why diabetes has increased
This is only two minerals and we need 60 for good health.

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It is not what you eat it is how much you eat. Our TV station did a test and had two people eat at McD's only for a month. One gained the other lost.

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Having gained 40 pounds in a month and a half from prednisone and not being able to loose all of it you need to be aware that some meds besides prednisone will cause weight gain. Steroids that are used for many things and meds for transplants will cause what I call fat face syndrome. The face looks bloated all the time.

Being less than 5 foot, now, I would have to eat less food, exercise 18 hours a day to loose any weight. I will stay myself and enjoy a very occasional treat. Given the choice of being able to draw a breath and live and being 170, I will take being able to breath.

Being fat is a choice as is eating too much.

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I took blood pressure, Beta Blockers if I remember right and gained 11 lbs in 6 weeks. Both doctors I had said they couldn't caused weight gain. Well I called the FDA and they can. I haven't been to see either doctor since. When I got a new doctor I didn't need blood pressure meds.

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Yes weight gain is from eating to much but what causes people to eat too much it is not a choice but an erg or craving that drives them to eat.
I personally after taking the 60 essential minerals have lost 70lbs with no diet eating what I wanted but found that my meals size went down and I had a full feeling. Also different changes by blood pressure is 110/70, my white hair is returning to dark brown and my receding hair line is now filling in.
I am 71 years old and in perfect health. I have out lived all my doctors so far.

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I think most over eaters are driven because of boredom, it's something to do, it comforting and a habit. I used to eat fries, burger and pop, because that is what I ordered as a younger person who was active. Now I order burger and fries, next time I may order burger and a coke, sometimes just a burger. I was stuffing myself with pizza because it was soooo good, now I eat two pieces and a salad and don't feel like I am missing anything. I just got back from a bus tour to Mt Magazine in Arkansas and they ate 3 meals a day. I did that the first day and had a sore stomach most of the next day. After that I started eating half meals when I was on a travel schedule. In the lodge I eat a heavy meal, later something simple, ice cream or crackers and cheese from a vending machine.

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The CDC has now said that obesity is a disease.
The world's only 2 time unshared Nobel Prize winner, and has 48 honorary doctorates Dr. Linus Pauling, stated "You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.
When a horse, cow and other farm animals start chewing on their cribbing it is a mineral deficiency and solved by a mineral block [salt block]
When an unborn child steals minerals from the mother the pregnant mother starts to crave weird foods. This is a sign of a mineral deficiency in the mother.
When a child starts eating sand or stuff from the kitty litter or even eats paint off the walls. It is a mineral deficiency. All these cravings and ergs to eat are mineral deficiencies and so is obesity it is a craving for food. This erg to eat is not boredom it is a drive of the body to get the minerals it needs.
Scientists trace diseases and ailments to mineral deficiency. http://www.yourdiyhealth.com/linuspauling-2.pdf

Every one is entitled to their opinion but not their own set of facts.

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Yes and they say alcoholism is a disease, but I don't agree with that and I think it is an insult to people who die of diseases. Obesity, alcoholism and drugs are addictions. My husband's brother and sister would have given up any thing to live longer. They had no choice. People who are addicted have a choice.

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I love what EmmaR wrote "People who are addicted have a choice". That's so true, we have a choice to build up our health, or to destroy it through junk food and being a screen-addict.

Thank you, dOug, for shedding light on the info. that healthy food nourishes healthy bodies. I think it's best from natural foods, rather than from supplements. Studies had shown that beta-carotene supplements are useless to prevent smokers from getting lung-cancer, but carrots are shown effective.

My husband remarked that in a Canadian study, one 2 brands out of the many natural supplements actually have the right ingredients, the rest are fillers & weeds. Here's an excerpt from WebMD:

"There are concerns about the quality of some echinacea products on the market. Echinacea products are frequently mislabeled, and some may not even contain echinacea, despite label claims. Don’t be fooled by the term “standardized.” It doesn’t necessarily indicate accurate labeling. Also, some echinacea products have been contaminated with selenium, arsenic, and lead."

Echinacea has been proven in a Connecticut Study to cut the chance of cutting a cold by half, and reduce the during of a cold by 1.4 days. That's from MSN.com health news.

Exercise, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables are the best cure for Obesity, rather than man-made pills which might be contaminated. One time we went to Michigan to pick fresh apples. I was eating 4 apples a day, and lost 5 lbs. in one week. Another time we went to Michigan to pick fresh ripe peaches: also lost 5 lbs. in one week, from eating 5 to 6 peaches a day.

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Here is an interesting video on you tube Dr. Gldden

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I listen a bit and yes,.. he's saying the same as some of us, obesity is the cause of eating to much,...too many calories.

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I agree it is because we eat to much but what makes us eat to much is a craving, munches, and pica which is caused by mineral deficiency.

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We eat to much because we are bored, lonely, unhappy or it's just a plain old bad habit. I once read an article that said "never read while you eat", because it makes eating more of a pleasure than it should be.

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Thanks Doug to clarify this here.

I would think it's somewhere between the two and everyone has to come to their own conclusion what might work for them as for cure.

Live stile,..just only about 50 years ago when people had to physically work allot harder this problem hardly ever accrued.

I was reading another contact note from Billy Meier and Ptaah about trans fatty acids..

That which my father taught you is absolutely right, against which the claim, that unsaturated fatty acids are meant to have adverse health effects, is false. It is trans fatty acids which are extremely harmful to health and dangerous to the entire organism, especially because they can lead to obesity and also to depression, cause sickness, as well as very often produce diabetes, atherosclerosis and cancer. Unfortunately, the Earth human beings are not conscious of that, for which reason they unthinkingly consume trans fats, thus endangering their health and even their lives. Trans fatty acids are as bad and damaging to health and even life-threatening as dioxins, which arise from combustion processes and form highly toxic compounds, particularly chlorine and hydrocarbons which can cause serious health and developmental damage. The trans fatty acids are, in common parlance, simply called trans fats, whereby, however, the fewest Earth human beings among the general population know that this thereby deals with forms of fat which are extremely damaging to the health. It is particularly significant that, within the general population, no details are known about that which makes it all so especially dangerous. The fact of the matter is, therefore, also that a very great danger exists, especially for growing children and adolescents, because particular parts of terrestrial humanity consume food with the largest amounts of trans fats, which often cause irreparable damage to health. The trans fatty acids �" it is naturally these �" are extremely dangerous because the body can only transfigure their double hydrocarbon bonds with extreme difficulty, or not degrade them at all. For this reason, the physical-organic health is extraordinarily strongly burdened, whereby obesity also occurs, and the harmful LDL cholesterol levels rise high and evoke atherosclerosis, that is to say, hardening of the arteries. This means, however, that thereby, the risk of heart attack and stroke is greatly increased. In a way that no other fat is, even low amounts of trans fats are very dangerous, whereby already 2.5 grams per day increases, by more than 30 percent, the risk of the aforementioned afflictions, those things harmful to health, and effective diseases, when the described quantity is consumed regularly over a period of 4 to 8 years. Over time, trans fats consumed daily would inevitably lead to grave health problems, and this is especially true if a person is genetically predisposed to premature atherosclerosis. Already for decades, the Earth human beings have consumed far too great quantities of trans fat, particularly through fast-food products, through many processed foods, biscuits, pastries, croissants, chicken nuggets, cakes, french fries, croquettes, various chips and burgers, popcorn, various soft curd cheese products as well as other fatty products, that is to say, food made of fats. Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil contains trans fats.

Here is a link that might be useful: In this large contact report extract Billy and Ptaah discuss many subjects including: The 7 major forces of nature of which only 4 are known to Earth scientists. The risk of breakdown of the global ocean conveyor belt. That the Sol star has a dark twin 1 light year away hence we live in a binary star system. The dark twin's effects on the Oort Cloud. What caused the Neanderthal humans to die out. Actions of several presidents of the USA. The behaviour of FIGU members. The effects of consumed fats, oils and sugars on the human body. The yeti/sasquatch/bigfoot. Translation of Contact Report 544

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Don't tell me you don't loose weight by exercise. When we lived on the farm, not one of the 8 of us had any fat to speak of. The reason, we worked!! My husband milked 70 cows twice a day and raised everything that they ate. I took care of 6 kids, raised a big garden, cooked for 8 of us plus a hired man, and kept all the milking machines and bulk tank clean.
We ate good food every day, and didn't have to have a pill to put us to sleep at night.
Oh yes, one more thing, we all went to church every Sunday and thanked the good Lord for providing a good life for us.
If people would get off their lazy backsides and do something they wouldn't have to
look like a fat butcher hog.

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The reason some don't loose weight when exercising is because enlarged, toned, muscles weigh more than fat.

Steroids can add bulk which looks like fat which can be almost impossible to loose the look, think pudgy/piggy looking cheeks.

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Of course exercise helps. I noticed my neighbor gained some weight in the last couple of years. Then I saw her walking every day and she is thin again. Exercise will not do it alone, diet is essential. Exercise makes me very hungry. Beta Blockers for blood pressure will also make you gain weight. I gained 11 lbs in 6 weeks and 2 doctors told me it did not cause weight gain. I called the FDA and then got new doctors.

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Am I being too simplistic by blaming the choices some make in their diets?

Over processed - quick fix type items that have minimal to no nutritive values?

CORN? Which is mainly genetically modified. Has anyone read about this? I mean, really find out what this corn (and gmo soy, and gmo canola, and all gmo) is capable of doing? There have been NO human testing done on these "organisms." We are the test?

Best way to fatten up that cattle? CORN. And a diet coke ;)

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Yes someone has obesity from the birth and someone due to the lazyness and eat unhealthy diet. Below are some points you should follow.
Talk with your doctor about diet. You may also need to work with an obesity specialist or a nutritionist or dietitian.
Reduce the number of calories you eat and eat healthier foods.
Speak to your doctor about exercise.

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Doctors know nothing about nutrition and most dietitian are trained in medical schools. For the last 50 years they have been telling us what to eat and the problem of obesity has increased.
Go back and listen to the people who caused the problem is crazy.

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Electronics have more to do with obesity, than diet. Most over weight people are glued to their computers playing games instead of going to the park or playing with their kids. If you look around in their homes you will find an enormous amount of junk food like chips, cinnamon rolls etc.. Nutrition has little to do with it.

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Worriedone all though it is called fattening up cattle by feeding them corn it does two things. Adds protein to build muscle and firms up the fat. Grass fed beef has softer yellow fat where grain fed fat is firmer and with a whiter color. This happens if GMO or not.

Lived on a farm before GMO.

    Bookmark   December 5, 2013 at 1:01AM
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If a cow has the opportunity to eat natural or GMO corn they will always take the natural.

All the people I know and I have heard from many others that took the colloidal plant minerals and they all lost weight with out changing any thing else but they did say they don't seem to eat as much naturally

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Hey Doug, if that worked there would be no obese people. Word would spread like wildfire.

    Bookmark   December 6, 2013 at 1:32PM
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@Maifluer - Interesting.

Corn is a human invention - a grain, not a vegetable. Its fiber is indigestible. It is abundant in the American diet in various forms: syrup, starch, etc., and is HIGHLY allergenic. There are those that claim it should not be eaten by any blood type and the stuff has a bit more MSG than other foods.
As for the GMO, "to kill a susceptible insect, a part of the plant that contains the Bt protein (not all parts of the plant necessarily contain the protein in equal concentrations) must be ingested. Within minutes, the protein binds to the gut wall and the insect stops feeding. Within hours, the gut wall breaks down and normal gut bacteria invade the body cavity. The insect dies of septicaemia as bacteria multiply in the blood." http://www2.ca.uky.edu/entomology/entfacts/ef130.asp What this means in humans, is UNKNOWN. We will just have to wait and see.
In order to HELP fatten cows really, really quick -at one time it took YEARS - they are given hormones and/or antibiotics - 80% of what is available goes to cattle.

I choose grassfed/grass finished. Just better for you.


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Getting less then 7 hours of sleep leads to hormonal changes in the body that might lead to weight gain.

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EmmaR the word is spreading. Did you know that medical testimonials are illegal and can not be used legally. That is why the medical industry has made obesity now a disease so now people can not use testimonials on TV or any where else to promote their business. Good by Jenny Craig.

    Bookmark   January 7, 2014 at 7:42AM
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