Question about homemade corn tortillas....

Lisa_in_GermanyMarch 19, 2012

I am planning on making homemade corn tortillas in the next couple of days. I just have one question. My Mom always bought the fresh tortillas (corn) and fried them into taco shells. My qestion is, do i need to grill the tortillas first and then fry them or can I just fry them from the raw state.


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Lisa you have to make/bake the tortilla first and then you can fry it if you want.

But to make tacos you do not need to fry the tortilla until it is crisp. YOu can use the tortilla as it comes off the grill pan.


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I don't know about your homemade tortillas, but, the store bought ones will split or crumble if not softened up by frying first. You do fry them but don't fry them crisp. Place in the pan of hot oil and quickly turn it over. Remove to paper towels to drain some of the oil off and spoon in your filling and roll up. (The oil also imparts some of the flavor of the soft taco you will be looking for.)

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If the tortillas are fresh (and especially if homemade), they should not split or crumble. I assume that Lisa wants to make Tex-Mex tacos, which have tortillas that are fried until crisp and usually deep fried. In Mexico, soft tacos are the norm and are made with two tortillas heated on a griddle or in a wok - I use a cast iron skillet with no oil. Tortillas are sauteed in oil generally only for enchiladas, as they would be messy to eat by hand if the tortillas had been sauteed, but you can make them either way. Personally, I steam tortillas for enchiladas because I do not want the extra oil, but it's not traditional.


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Pris, there is a big difference between the packaged store bought corn tortillas and homemade.

I agree, that store bought needs to be soften in hot oil. Doesn't take long. Just basically in and out of the oil. But you can also fry a store bought corn tortilla into a crisp taco shell too. Just fry it longer.

Homemade corn tortillas are soft and do not crack or crumble. As soon as they are baked they need to be stacked and covered to keep warm.

This keeps them soft and pliable.

A fresh baked corn tortilla does not need to be fried unless you want a crispy taco shell.

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I agree, fresh tortillas need to be baked on the griddle first, then can be deep fried if you want crunchy tortillas or eaten soft and hot from the griddle.

I used to just toss them in an electric skillet with a little oil in the bottom, just enough to submerge the tortilla, then I could do 4 at a time. We just had them flat, I never tried to fold them and make them crispy, we were happy with the flat "tostada" shell and piled our taco toppings right onto it.


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