Bee sting turning into something more?

michelle_phxazAugust 20, 2009

I got stung on my back two weeks ago by a bee, we were laying on the beach and I rolled over on him. I immediately got the stinger and poison sac out. The area swelled and itched, I used Hydrocortizone cream which helped but the bump and scab are still there.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a horrible aching pain in the muscles under the bee sting, like I pulled my back out on that one side and it radiates down into my butt and up my back.

Could the two incidences be coincidental or should I get myself to a doctor?


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I vote for going to a doctor. But, which one? I hate it when you go to one and they have no idea and send you to someone else and on and on. What are they doing? Sharing the wealth? My guess for you and what I would do in this situation, is go to an allergist first. Hopefully, they would know if an insect bite could cause this reaction and what to do about it.

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Sometimes you can get a cellulitis type delayed reaction to bee stings. Does your skin look any different?
If this is happening, you might look into the possibility that you are developing a bee sting allergy, and the next sting might be worse.
Good luck to you.

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Yes take yourself to a doctor right away. You might have infection or something else

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Hope you are doing 100% better!
BTW, how did you do that Spam thing you did on the mms thread?
Kathy G in MI

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